gamemaker is going well today

I ate sage again. It does seem to help quite a bit, but I don’t always notice that it’s helping, so I stop taking the trouble to eat it, and then I go without it for a while, and then I start to notice that I haven’t been able to focus very well, and then I use it again and see that it really does make a difference. It’s just the powdered sage in a little plastic jar from the grocery store. I just dump some of it on my food or else I lick it out of the palm of my hand, which is very bitter, dry, and dusty, but not intolerable. It seems to be better absorbed when I eat it with food like I did tonight. I just dumped a bunch of it on my cheeseburger from Burger King. Maybe it’s fat-soluble or something. I also put rosemary on there, just because those are the only two spices I happen to have right now. I haven’t noticed much effect from the rosemary. My hope was that it would elevate my blood pressure slightly to help me get out of bed every day (since I have a variety of different contaminants on my sleeping bags and clothes that cause fatigue), but it seems to be doing nothing noticeable.

But my brain definitely works differently when I’m eating sage. The effects from fresh sage are probably stronger, but I don’t have anything now except the dry powder. Even so, the dry powder works quite a lot. There are no other noticeable unwanted symptoms at all, and no noticeable withdrawal, or else the withdrawal is so minor that it doesn’t bother me. Maybe a higher dose would give me withdrawal. The only unpleasant effect is sometimes nausea, but that doesn’t happen if I eat it with food – that happens if I lick it off my palm.

So yay! Something that doesn’t even meet my criteria for the definition of a ‘drug’ is having helpful effects for my brain focus and performance with challenging mental tasks. It isn’t addictive, I don’t crave it, and I’m not aware of any harmful effects from low doses, and it’s totally legal and extremely cheap in the realm of drugs – although sage essential oil is much more expensive than the other essential oils, I noticed. It was like $26 for one tiny bottle, whereas the other oils were much less, I dunno, less than $10. That was at McClanahan’s store in town, the one on Allen Street. I’m doing just fine with the powder instead of the oil. I don’t wanna push my luck. I’d try clary sage too. I just don’t have enough money to be throwing around to be testing these things nowadays. Cheap sage powder in a plastic jar is fine with me.

I just seem to be much better able to focus and solve problems in the game making process. I had a whole different approach when I worked on it today. I wrote this chart down on paper and wrote all the different possible scenarios that could occur, such as, for instance, clicking the mouse on empty space, clicking the mouse on a box in the inventory that had something already in it, clicking the mouse on another axe when you were already carrying an axe, and so on. I wrote this whole thing out in a chart. Now I know I have to make some kind of if-then-else statement for all those scenarios.

And then, I started over, not entirely from scratch – I just ‘commented out’ my previous code. It’s still there, so I can look at it and copy and paste it, but it isn’t activated. I’m rewriting everything from the beginning and then copying bits that I need again and thoroughly testing each piece bit by bit to see which parts are causing the weird problems. I’m not saying that I’ve solved the whole problem yet, but rather, I am going about it more systematically and with more awareness of all the possible scenarios that I have to test for and be aware of, so that I don’t have bugs from doing unexpected things that I didn’t plan for.

It does have a debugger program with it, but it’s hard for me to use – it requires its own learning curve. I don’t know how to interpret what I’m seeing. Every once in a while when I use it I learn some new information, but mostly I just feel confused. I don’t understand the debugger well enough yet. I will probably have to know how to use it someday, though. There will come a time when there is such a huge amount of code that I can’t just comment out all the lines to deactivate them anymore.

Anyway I was able to work on it for quite a while and was focused and didn’t feel too much distress or frustration.

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