29 December, 2016 06:12

I think I have a mild hernia. I first noticed it last night in bed. I moved my right leg into a particular position and felt a slight pinch, which I thought was just some skin getting caught at the edge of my underwear. The same.thing happened tonight, and when I tried to adjust it I noticed a small lump there. My parents are a doctor and a nurse, and I recall learning about hernias when my brother had one, so that was my best theory after the initial moment of ” oh no, I have a lump, it’s cancer, I’m gonna die.” I palpated everything but could not get the suspected hernia to push back into place. I will not push hard. This is probably from Stefan. I had sex in an unusual position. Then again, this might also be appendicitis. Or some combination of the two. I drank a bunch of milk the other day by itself, which gave me constipation. Hard feces are abnormal for me. I can’t go to a doctor for this until or unless it’s an emergency. It’s right in the fold between my crotch, thigh, and abdomen on the right side.

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