thank goodness, the money went through

It was finally processed. I can use my debit card, albeit not too much because I only have about $190 for the next couple of weeks. I go back to work on the 7th, which means it will still be a couple more weeks before I get my first paycheck. I will have to eat nothing but chicken and rice at work. I don’t like that at all. Well, I will have to ask for soup – EXCEPT RICH IS GONE AND HE’S THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS EVER NICE ENOUGH TO COOK FOR ME. Dave acts like a total dick if I ask him to cook for me – he totally discriminates against the employees. I’m not a REAL customer and so I don’t matter – he can get all reluctant and irritated and not want to do it so I don’t want to ask him anymore. Rich was so kind and soothing about it – he would always ask if I wanted something and insisted on making it for me. I can learn to cook the stuff myself, it’s just that I usually don’t want to get in their way. I have to do it when there is no business at all.

I want to eat their soup, but I don’t want the super spicy soup base. I don’t believe in the idea that Korean food absolutely must have agonizingly hot spice in every single thing. Hot peppers were brought over from Mexico, which means that Korea existed for thousands of years without any hot spices except maybe wasabi. Where have all those traditional recipes gone? They must still exist *somewhere*, everything from before the hot pepper invasion.

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