gifts that were okay; REAL fake news; pizzagate

3:08 PM 12/28/2016

I’m at home, so this battery will run out eventually.

I wanted to mention I got a couple gifts that I actually liked. I know I’ve been complaining about how much I hate to receive gifts, but on rare occasions, someone gives me something that I really
appreciate. Mike from Maki Yaki gave me two things before the break. People are always losing or throwing away or possibly stealing the vegetable peelers at work, and yet, I need to use them every day as part of my job, and I am not the careless person who is losing them – they always disappear on a day when I’m not there. I’ll come back to work after being off for a day, only to find out that something I absolutely have to use has been lost or broken on my day off.

So, Mike actually gave me a good vegetable peeler. I could have gone to the store and bought one, but I could never quite remember to do it, and it never was quite urgent enough to decide to do it. I always just got used to suffering with using the bad peelers, the ones that are badly designed and that don’t work very well, after the good peeler disappears. So I appreciated that.

The second thing he gave me was his knife case, because it was his old one and he was getting himself a new one. I don’t have knives to put in it yet, but I could get some. He and Dave bring in their own knives so that they know that the really good quality knives, the sharpest ones, are always there when they need them, and the ones shared by everyone are not as sharp and not as good. The old knife case has a small cut in it from one of the knives, so it’s not perfect, but that doesn’t bother me at all.

He also showed me how to sharpen knives on a stone. I tried sharpening them on the metal rod thing and wasn’t confident that I was doing it right, but at least I got to try it. Again, sharpening a knife is something that I don’t always bother to do, but yet, sometimes I am enduring a dull knife when it ought to be sharpened, and it would make things easier if I sharpened it.

So those turned out to be nice gifts that I appreciated, and he didn’t spend a lot of money on them. The used knife case was something he was replacing anyway – his new one was delivered later that day on the day when he gave it to me. The peeler is only a couple bucks, but yet, it’s something that can help me a lot so that I don’t get frustrated and annoyed at work.

I’m actually not super energetic right now and don’t know how long I’ll be writing. This is one of those times when ‘I write what the voices tell me to write.’

REAL FAKE NEWS. I decided that there is such a thing as Real Fake News, and I’m not referring to the mainstream media itself, which is also fake, but ‘real’ in some ways. There are varying degrees of real and fake. It’s not black or white.

So, I read lots of alternative news websites and alternative medicine and all that stuff, websites whose opinions go against the mainstream. I’m an anti-vaxxer, for instance. Some people are throwing around the words ‘fake news’ to slander anybody whose opinion goes against the mainstream or challenges popular beliefs or criticizes powerful people, groups, or the government. That’s also not the kind of ‘fake news’ that I’m talking about.

There are two examples of REAL fake news that I can think of, and they have a slightly different spirit behind them. Some of those things might be what the ‘fake news’ label is referring to.

First, there are some youtube videos, for instance, showing weird weather phenomena. I like to look at weird weather phenomena, so I watch these occasionally. I also know about the existence of ionospheric heaters – not just HAARP, but many others all around the world in many different places – and I know that we are able to control and influence the weather.

Some of these weird weather phenomena, or weird UFO phenomena, videos are obviously photoshopped (videoshopped?). The things happening in them clearly look fake and unnatural to me. The hallmark of these videos is, it’s a huge, gigantic, enormous event that should have been seen by hundreds of thousands of people, and yet, you will only be able to find ONE VIDEO which is being re-broadcast by dozens of youtube channels, always from the exact same angle, the exact same video, the exact same buildings and geographic features in the video. If it were real, there should have been hundreds of people uploading this from hundreds of different angles.

For example, if you look up an earthquake or a tsunami, you will find hundreds of videos made by hundreds of people, all unique and different, so you know this enormous phenomenon was real. The people in them are spontaneous and have a wide variety of different reactions. They are unprofessional looking and they don’t have any kind of ‘introductory logo’ before the video.

The people who are all mirroring this video will always have some kind of smooth, polished, professional-looking INTRODUCTION WITH A LOGO at the beginning of the video. It’ll be, for instance, a spinning globe shape with little things all around it just like the kind of thing you see on the mainstream news. These people are using their computer to produce smooth, polished video productions that look professional and expensive. It’ll be playing music in the background while this animated logo is doing its thing. This is an example of FAKE NEWS. It looks like it’s actually TRYING to be just like the mainstream news, with these musical introductory animated logo sequences before the show.

I looked at something yesterday: trumpet sounds were coming from the sky over Jerusalem and there was a big, gigantic ring cloud with little flaming weird edges all around it, and they’re saying it’s a sign of God or the apocalypse. Only one video. Right over a city with millions of people. You can see the exact same buildings from the same angle – actually, two videos made by the same person, or two parts to the same video – something like that, but only these two specific videos, which are all being shared by various youtube channels with professional-looking polished news-like animated logo introductions with music.

Some of these youtube channels talked about this, and again, there was a mixture of grains of truth in there. One person was talking about chemtrails and related phenomena in a very knowledgeable way, and saying this seemed somehow different from that. ‘COULD IT BE FROM GOD?’ is often the conclusion that these people are pushing, and this knowledgeable person who was talking in a very scientific way about the types of chemicals in the sky, metallic compounds and how exactly they looked and how this seemed different from that, etc etc, VERY scientific and knowledgeable, suddenly went for the ‘COULD IT BE GOD?’ line.

They mixed the truth in there – chemtrails (which are *kind of* real, but there is a whole lot of misunderstanding and disinformation, and I don’t normally preoccupy myself with talking about them very often – I care about them, but they aren’t one of my top ten favorite issues to complain about). I think this lady even mentioned ionospheric heaters and weather control. But then it was a Mainstream God channel which talked about God and the apocalypse in the other videos on the channel, if I recall correctly – I might possibly be remembering things from more than one channel.

I decided that this was in the ‘OBVIOUSLY PHOTOSHOPPED’ category of fake news. Some of these photoshopping jobs are so professional, they look like they are being done by professional special effects people who work for the movies. And they have those professional-looking logo things associated with them. These are people who WANT to be the news. Except, it’s slightly more sinister – it seems to be a psyop, brainwashing people to go in particular directions and have particular attitudes. It’s more than just an accident, it’s being used as disinformation, maybe to distract and entertain people, to mislead them, not merely for amusement and entertainment but to make them believe a particular thing that somebody wants them to believe.

Like the ‘Flat Earth’ posts. David Wilcock mentioned this on a video because somebody said that they had seen comments made by David himself saying that flat earth was real. He laughed when he heard this and said that there were lots of people out there pretending to be him and mirroring some of his videos and that he himself had not said that – he said flat earth was totally fake and it was being pushed by government and military people.

I have seen this on flat earth websites. It is being done by a particular kind of people with a particular kind of writing style that I don’t really like. It’s aimed at people who like to question the government and believe something different from what other people believe, but who are not quite able to understand what is real and what is fake.

I feel strong enough myself to usually understand what is real or what is fake (in certain contexts, about certain topics), and I don’t usually feel scared as a result of seeing somebody talking about something that might possibly be fake or might possibly be real – it doesn’t upset me very much to be unsure or uncertain about whether it’s fake or real. I usually just have a hunch which isn’t stated verbally, just a feeling or impression, that whatever this is, it isn’t something I need to worry about urgently and don’t need to panic about.

Oh, I forgot to mention, about the Jerusalem trumpets thing – one of the other videos said that actually, there was a holiday going on where they really were playing trumpets outdoors – but then they said ‘BUT THIS HAPPENED THE DAY BEFORE THE HOLIDAY STARTED.’ Lol. The video sounded like it was just somebody videotaping on that holiday and hearing a lot of people playing trumpets far away down below in the town, but then they added this big weather phenomenon up above with a videoshop (I don’t know what software does this).

So I sometimes look at these things, maybe for the entertainment value, maybe to see how good of a job they did with the photoshopping, maybe to see if I can decide whether it’s real or not, just for a challenge. This is an idle, occasional interest for me, and not an ongoing passion. I just sometimes get in moods where I start clicking on things and watch whatever I feel like.

There is another kind of fake news which has a more evil, more sinister feeling to it, in my opinion. I have experiences which connect this with the electronic mind controllers, the computer hackers, the people who are stalking me and spying on me and putting voices in my head, so that is why I say it seems more sinister and more evil.

The people who put voices in my head ALSO are doing ‘artwork,’ by playing hypnosis videos in my brain while I sleep, forcing me to dream fake dreams. Somebody has to write those dreams and put all the images together and the sounds and voices and music, and, back when I was still under the influence of antidepressants and residues, when the attacks first began and were extremely evil (they have mellowed out GREATLY since then), back in 2003 and the next couple years, these dreams had a horrible quality and a horrible, sick music that I recognize the style of. I can see some of those sick images in the videos made by the bands who play music at Pizzagate restaurants (there are LOTS OF RESTAURANTS, NOT JUST ONE, involved in this) like Comet Pizza. These videos are made by real live pedophiles and some of them blatantly use the pedophilia symbols (spiral triangles and hearts within hearts) described by the FBI.

Okay, the fake news – it’s hard to describe, because I don’t see it very often. I don’t have a lot of examples to give. It’s kind of hard to talk about the small number of examples that I do have. This is an area where I am uncertain what is real or fake and have no way of finding out – you can’t just look at it and say ‘this is obviously photoshopped.’ It could be real or it could be fake.

Not only that, but it is able to seem to come from multiple sources, multiple writers, because this is a whole, huge, interconnected, cooperating gang of people who are deliberately putting out
disinformation together on purpose. I do not know who commands them.

I am thinking about how to describe these examples.

Some things come from my own personal experiences. I called them ‘hackers’ when they happened, but it is more than that. It is something much larger, sometimes, although I personally am not always encountering the ‘highest level’ most expensive disinformation campaigns. I am encountering some low level trivial stuff, in my personal experiences. I only know that it could possibly be much worse than this, I just haven’t seen it myself.

There was one incident back in 2003. I had already discovered the phenomenon of hackers and computer harassment. I thought that all of the problems I was experiencing were merely caused by hackers, and then it escalated to people who were physically spying on me at my house. Actually that made me think of a bunch of other stuff that I don’t really want to talk about but I will mention it.

The hacker somehow released a news article on some web page that I was reading frequently, I forget what, with ‘real’ news on it. I don’t remember where I saw the link to this article. It was a planted article. It told the truth. I am not saying that this ‘fake news’ article was a lie – this particular one was the truth. Or at least, the tip of the iceberg of the truth.

There was a link to an article about how radio frequency weapons are able to be used to put voices in people’s heads and attack people, except it was unusual for a news article like this, about this kind of topic, to appear in the particular place where I was reading the news. It just happened to be right at the moment when I was getting in trouble with the police because I was going crazy after taking Prozac for a week and had been writing letters to a coworker who reported me because I mentioned the word ‘suicide,’ and they put me in The Meadows (psychiatric hospital) for an involuntary commitment. It was right during this time, and this particular piece of information was given to me at just the right moment, so that it could explain everything I was experiencing and make it understandable.

I actually found that to be extremely helpful at the time, and I am not lumping this together with other ‘fake news’ that I’m talking about. It’s just an example showing that sometimes, a hacker is able to put an article which wouldn’t normally be there, on YOUR web page but not necessarily on everybody’s web page.

It’s when they put them on EVERYONE’S web pages that it becomes more sinister.

During that time, there was another news article which might possibly have been fake, and I have absolutely no way of knowing. I cannot find that news article now – it has been removed from the internet or else it has been buried very, very deeply so that it’s extremely hard to find. During the incidents of 2003, I was starting to believe that my coworker, Dan Crust, at State of the Art Inc, had kidnapped and murdered Cindy Song. Note, there were other people at SOTA who were also probably murderers – Gary Sellers was one of them, and he worked in the ‘radio frequency applications’ division of the company. Dan Crust may or may not have been innocent, and I still do not know how to explain all that happened.

I was being manipulated to believe things, during a time when I was heavily using herbal antidepressants, and then a prescription antidepressant for only a week. I was being electronically mind controlled and my computer was being hacked.

I’m not sure how much of this I can write – my fingers are painfully cold and my battery is slowly running out on the laptop.

I found this ‘news article’ somewhere on the web, which I cannot find anymore, and it showed a ‘composite drawing’ done by the police or someone, an artist? about the person who was suspected of kidnapping Cindy Song. THIS DRAWING LOOKED EXACTLY LIKE DAN CRUST FROM STATE OF THE ART, INC. I cannot find that web page anymore. It may have been fake. This is an extremely sinister example of REAL FAKE NEWS which could have been used to ruin someone’s reputation and even get them thrown in jail and completely ruin somebody’s life (assuming Dan Crust was innocent of all this stuff that I was being forced to believe about him). The web page looked real and professional and it totally seemed like ‘real news.’ It was well done and *wasn’t* filled with (for example) misspelled words or sloppy writing.

I was thinking of this because I am wondering if John and Tony Podesta are actually being smeared by an extremely huge, enormous fake news attack, huge beyond the scope of your worst nightmares. It is possible to do. The only reason I say this is because – I forget which one is which, John or Tony, one of them tweeted that his only regret was that he had been unable to secure full disclosure about aliens and UFOs.

It was shortly after this that the attack on him began – the wikileaks emails, Hillary Clinton – it was all directed at them. I had begun to look at Hillary Clinton in a positive way – just slightly – I disliked her – but I thought, ‘You know, if she and her people are in favor of disclosure about aliens and UFOs, that makes them kind of cool!’

That tweet from Podesta ‘legitimized’ the belief in aliens and UFOs. I too believe they are real and I want full disclosure about them. If a high ranking authority figure can publicly tweet this, then it must be legit. Millions of people around the internet were saying, basically, that. All of them were pleasantly surprised to hear that somebody somewhere in the government was in favor of full disclosure.

Well, there is a possibility that somebody decided to do ‘retaliatory disclosure’ to him. This is just a theory. I am not necessarily defending the Podestas! Everything that is being said about them might actually be true, all the emails, everything. But it might be that maybe millions of other politicians are doing exactly the same thing, but they chose HIM to pick on and harass because he legitimized the full disclosure of UFOs and aliens and made it respectable in a large, public way.

Or, on the other hand, the entire thing could be completely fake, every word of it, and I know, based on what I know about computer hackers and internet trolls and paid disinformation agents who control everything we see on the computer – it is POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO DO THIS, to coordinate a gigantic campaign to create completely fake ‘data’ out of nothing, including thousands of fake emails or emails that have had fake sentences inserted into them. The pizza-related sentences used as code for pedophilia might actually have all been fake emails inserted by hackers. I DON’T KNOW and have no way of knowing. This is just a description of what is possible.

It is an information war, and the scope of it is so huge that people’s minds cannot even comprehend it, not even in their worst nightmares. It is huge, global, and extremely evil and it has enormous, limitless resources behind it.

The way this connected to Dan Crust was: there actually is a ‘composite drawing’ out there, which looks exactly like John and Tony Podesta, of the people who kidnapped Madeleine McCann. The Podesta emails have sort of a glitch at that date – he was gone, he was out of town, he was missing – during the time when she was kidnapped. I don’t know why I called it a ‘glitch.’ I don’t recall exactly what the emails did at that date. The word ‘glitch’ might mislead people to think ‘it was hackers,’ which is why I am unsure of that word (I write what the voices make me write).

That composite drawing could have been exactly like the one I saw that looked like Dan Crust who I thought had kidnapped Cindy Song. I was punished for this – all of what I was doing, thinking, and believing, and suspecting, and theorizing, during that time in 2003 when I worked at SOTA and was using antidepressants. It is the reason why I was put into the ‘ARD’ program, accelerated rehabilitative disposition, something like that, and it turns out, what that meant was, electronic mind control, electronic torture, and stalking by the State College police. Or Bellefonte, whichever. I remember I had to go to Bellefonte to pay my fines and go to court. I still to this day do not know if that composite drawing was real or fake.

I also don’t know how those drawings are produced. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was done by ‘remote viewing,’ in which case, the electronic mind controllers will give the artist a fake image in their brains, which they mistakenly believe they are getting by means of their psychic powers.

My battery on the laptop….

Pizzagate still has more stuff to talk about. There was a ‘citizen journalist’ whose video I watched. (He’s the one who was saying ‘hangry.’ He got thrown out of Comet Pizza because he was periscoping with his phone, so he was hungry, and so they went and got a pizza at Besta Pizza. I think the title of one is ‘thrown out of Comet Pizza.’) People are going into Comet Pizza and Besta Pizza and finding out that they have massive back rooms hidden behind curtains where large groups of people are entering and then disappearing, and if you go in there to look for them, they are gone. Unattended children are coming out of those back rooms and playing ping-pong or foosball for hours. I have gathered this not just from that one video, but from several others.

This is connected to the underground tunnels in Washington DC (which actually are everywhere, but there are a whole lot more of them there).

Allegedly (was it ‘fake news?’) there was an unusual ‘earthquake’ underneath Washington, which somebody said resembled a nuclear bomb. It was one big blast and then vibrations afterwards, not at all in the shape of a normal earthquake. That was a year or a couple years ago. Some people got their hopes up and believed that the good guys had bombed the bad guys, but I think that’s wishful thinking. I disagree with David Wilcock about his optimism. He has been saying that the end is near for the cabal, and that there is an alliance of good guys who are fighting against them. I feel that the number of good guys, and the amount of their resources, is much, much, much smaller than the bad guys – the bad guys have both quantitative, and qualitative, superiority. I got the phrase ‘qualitative superiority’ from a video about the Nazis making flying saucers and possibly having a base in Antarctica, underneath it in the caves made by warm water from, is it volcanoes? I forget.

My battery warnings have begun. My fingers are also quite cold. I stayed up extremely late last night and slept in till 3:00 in the afternoon and had no idea how late it was – I thought it was like 11:00 am when I woke up.

Why have I still been preoccupied with Pizzagate? These people are the same people who are mind controlling me. I feel the same spirit in everything they do. Many victims of mind control have their attackers accuse them of being pedophiles. But the mind controllers themselves are the actual pedophiles and murderers. The ‘all-seeing eye’ is not watching us to make sure that we are behaving ourselves and being good. It is watching us to vicariously enjoy everything when we are being bad. They watch us because they WANT to see us being pedophiles, murderers, and torturers, which is the reason why, even in spite of the NSA being everywhere, serial killers still exist and other murderers are still murdering – the NSA lets them do it, because they WANT them to do it. The mind controllers and total surveillance agencies that look inside our houses and see us from satellites WANT the serial killers to kidnap and murder women. They videotape it and then they enjoy the videotapes. Videotaping and sharing and selling pedophilia and murder is encouraged and valued and allowed.

The only people who get caught are the *little* people who are doing it on the small scale, who manage to offend the wrong person and get caught by the public. Then the police have to PRETEND that they hate pedophiles, when actually they love pedophiles and murderers and they themselves are pedophiles and murderers who are using and sharing the services provided by places like Comet Pizza.

There are only small minorities of decent human beings in the police, and those small minorities are powerless and unable to bring about change.

I have more to say, but my cold fingers can’t type a lot more, and the battery is running down. I can restart it after it shuts down and use it for a while longer, but I don’t like to do that, because then it will do a ‘hard shutdown’ all of a sudden when the battery is completely gone for real, and you lose your data. The first shutdown is only a warning, during a time when it still has enough energy to save all of your data and hibernate.

I tried to shut this down and curl up in bed and get warm and decide if I wanted to go to the laundromat, but the voices said ‘sheep in wolf’s clothing,’ and then I thought of Oskar Schindler and
Schindler’s List, a movie that I absolutely love. So I had to restart the computer and write that down. There are benevolent infiltrators.

6:23 PM 12/28/2016

I’m at the laundromat now and I got some Burger King food, but I used a coupon they gave me a few weeks ago and so I bought something I would never usually buy: disgusting french fries, a disgusting fountain drink (sugar water), and two (not one) of the same burger, the bacon cheeseburger, because that was the deal. I’ll just keep the other burger for later. It’s cold outside. I’ll just put it out there with my bike in the outdoor refrigerator.

I felt like I had more to say actually about pizzagate. I’m not sure why I’ve been preoccupied with it, other than the fact that I am still covered in drug residues and will be for a long time, as long as I am visiting Jacob at Chris’s house, and as long as I have no cash to do the laundry or go take a shower. I just don’t remember what else I was going to say.

I actually – no, I just forgot again. About aliens: there is a connection between aliens and pedophilia. The grey aliens in particular. They’re the small ones. People who like pedophilia also like aliens, and I am seeing them mentioned by these people
occasionally. And Podesta was part of that.

Covering up huge gigantic secrets in the underground tunnels under DC – pedophilia and aliens and murder are all down there, all waiting to be disclosed. And again, it’s not just under DC, it’s in the underground tunnels everywhere.

I wasn’t starving because I had dried fruits, nuts, some granola, the leftover Chex mix from that lady, and a few bites of jerky at home, although the supply of these things is dwindling, and they are expensive. I do have to make another shopping trip for organic dried snacks sometime and would prefer to use food stamps to do that. Fruit is more expensive than it should be because there are active organizations who deliberately and forcibly prevent people from planting fruit trees in urban areas – not a mere ‘theory,’ but proven and verified.

My hunger – again, I have observed that my eating is an addiction and not a real need. I just wasn’t all that hungry when I woke up this evening. The hunger just ‘went away’ overnight. If it were real hunger, then I would be more and more preoccupied and obsessed with food as time went on and as my body’s supplies were used up. If I had really been hungry, I would have woken up hungry, and maybe even had trouble sleeping because of the constant hunger. I just woke up sort of indifferent and was barely even hungry enough to justify getting up out of bed and making the trek up here into town. I drank the orange juice that I bought at BK and now I’m like, ‘meh, I don’t really want all that food.’ (I’m going to eat it, I’m just not wolfing it down.)

I know for a fact that I am constantly, badly malnourished just because of bad food quality, factory farm food, fast food, and all the other mainstream foods I am forced to eat because I have no
refrigerator (and/or a primitive food storage method and system).

Anyway, about pizzagate: I don’t know if there will be a public admission by the mainstream media that it’s real, that there is this huge pedophile network associated with restaurants and politicians in DC and underground tunnels. They’re still trying to cover it up and still calling it a ‘conspiracy theory,’ but the youtube videos and other web pages by citizen journalists are much, much, much more convincing to me than they are. Their rebuttals are utterly, pathetically empty.

I’m preoccupied with it, again, partly because of drug residues, partly because the mind controllers want me to pay attention to this, and partly because I already am familiar with all of it and I resonate with it – I’ve been there, I’ve done that. The mind control experiences I have had, the electronic torture – I *ALREADY KNOW* that there are huge, powerful, wealthy organizations doing horrible, secret things to people, and that if it were disclosed it would be like nuclear bombs going off, and yet, I think even if it were disclosed, the public is helpless in this dictatorship, helpless to do anything about it. These disclosures should teach the evil people that actually, they have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, so they should just come out in the broad light of day and do what they do, because nobody can fight them – they have the weapons, they have the money, they have the technology, they have the mind control.

The only way to fight them would be to get one branch of government to fight another branch of government, kind of like with NODAPL. The ex-military men went there to support the native Americans. We could get the army to attack Washington DC on a free-the-child-slaves mission.

I’m just going to go ahead and post this and eat my food. I had the orange juice and now I feel like maybe I need to eat solid food. I have no idea how I will choke down those disgusting french fries. I like my own homemade potatoes – I get sweet potatoes and then cook them in a mixture of water and saturated fats like coconut oil or animal fats or ghee, whatever I have. I want to try frying sweet potato fries in tallow, but don’t have the means to do it right now.

‘Axe in inventory’ – I’m sure I’ll get it fixed. I am learning to expect that. It just takes more time and more testing and more reading.

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