23 December, 2016 15:03

“We are all One” is not something a powerless person says about a powerful person. A 5 year old kid can’t say, “I’m one with the president, so you must obey everything I say.” He’d get laughed at. A person who is already powerful says “We are one” to the powerless slaves. You are merely a cell in my body, and your purpose is to provide money to me. I sit here, and you do all the hard work. The scary thing about this “Ra” faker is, he really eats, sleeps, and breathes that whole belief system, sincerely. Whoever he is, he’s in a secret society or agency where they brainwash kids from birth to be entitled to parasitically feed off the wealth of humanity. We are gods. These mere ‘distortions’ of ‘mind-body complexes’ show up on our electronic mind control system. We dehumanize them. It’s scary to imagine the kind of secret society that immerses their kids in this from birth, but they are real. They have no qualms about causing pain and suffering and interference to these mere “distortions,” who mistakenly believe themselves to be individuals instead of cells who feed the leader. The only person who can even pretend to have ” compassion” as Ra said with this belief system is someone who is already so wealthy and powerful they want nothing more. They’re already well fed so they don’t demand that you give them babies to eat. The only reason they’re wealthy is because they control the computer system where imaginary money is created. Power is an unquestioned non-issue to them since birth. But if a powerless person applies the philosophy while seeking power, they will ruthlessly eat babies and justify it with the philosophy. Power is still a painful issue to them, so they are in the stage of violence and cruelty, which Ra never went through because his ancestors already brutally stole power in the past and he grew up in a painless easy life. So he can talk of how us foolish mortals ” distort” his perfect philosophy, which is perfectly compassionate when manifested by the controller of the mind control system.

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