Correlations with the sudden onset of annoying belly fat that won’t go away

This might post twice. For some reason, the post by email isn’t working or it’s really delayed, so I had to actually go to the wordpress site to post this.

10:15 PM 12/22/2016

I have a few correlations with the time in the summer when I suddenly started having this annoying belly fat that won’t go away.  It appeared all of a sudden, and I know because I looked at a photo of my belly that I took only a few months before that, back when it was thin (my normal level of thinness).  There was that incident at Kaarma where Agustin and Arturo started doing things with lettuce, like putting a piece of lettuce on my drink or something, and I didn’t know what they were doing, and ‘the voices’ informed me that they were suggesting that I should eat lettuce to lose weight, because I had suddenly gotten fat.

There were a few things that correlated with that sudden onset of annoying belly fat.  Here is the list.

1. Eating rice a lot.  I was at Kaarma for a while and would have been eating rice frequently before the sudden onset belly fat happened, so this doesn’t really explain it, but I have thought in the past that I had correlations with eating rice and getting fat, and rice tends to have a lot of heavy metals in it, which could cause the fat.

2. Drinking factory farm bottles of milk.  I am getting the little individual bottles of milk frequently at convenience stores.  I have noticed that stopping all forms of milk caused me to lose weight in the past.  This even includes organic milk, which also seems to make me fat, and also grassfed milk.  I’m not saying that organic grassfed milk is bad – it’s the best milk available; however, I believe it still makes me fat.  I don’t know the exact time when I started frequently/intermittently drinking the factory farm individual milk bottles.

3. I kissed a fat guy.  Obesity is contagious, but the people who write the news articles speculating about *why* or *how* obesity is contagious are totally, totally wrong about the mechanism – they always say something pathetic like, ‘Oh, people encourage each other’s bad eating habits, so they get fat together.’  Obesity is literally contagious, and it has a mechanism which is unknown.  I speculated that it was drug residues or chemical residues on the skin and clothing, but it could also be a virus.

4. The hopniss plant started growing a lot and I was near it a lot.  I transplanted it to near the tent, so I continued to be near the plant all these months, even after it got cold and the plant wilted.  I’ve still been near the wilted plant, which could still be emitting toxins, and they would be all over everything I own – I would have to do a massive decon of everything to get rid of it.  Hopniss is a protease inhibitor, and protease inhibitors cause belly fat to appear.  I was sickened by inhaling the vapors emitted by the plant, but eventually it seemed like it wasn’t a problem for me anymore.

5. I was drinking a lot of sucralose, an artificial sweetener, and they cause belly fat.  I was drinking Monster energy drinks and other energy drinks, lots of them, while working at Kaarma, and that was the time period when the sudden onset belly fat happened.  I’ve long since stopped drinking energy drinks and stopped drinking sucralose, although I encounter it on rare occasions, like in the Halls cough drops I was eating recently, but the belly fat just lingered all this time anyway.

6. Sometime ago I started using olive leaf pills for sexual purposes, but I don’t use them very often – maybe once or twice a month.  They sometimes cause abdominal bloating, which might have transformed into belly fat.  I could find some alternative to them.

7.  I forget what number 7 was.  I was listing these while riding my bike a few minutes ago, and I know I listed at least seven things that correlated with the… oh, I remember.  The drink.  The people at Kaarma gave me a drink, and I didn’t know what it was – they were sometimes giving me drinks to be nice, just something like mango lassi or something, but one time, they gave me sour raita, which was alcoholic.

I drank a significant amount of this cup of drink before I finally poured the rest down the drain, and later on, when I rode my bike home, I was talking in an obnoxious way from being drunk.  I never drink alcohol at all, zero.  Alcohol causes belly fat – it’s an extremely strong correlation.  Alcohol also causes permanent, irreversible changes in the body, from what I read, when I was reading about delirium tremens – you can’t quit alcohol, and when you do quit it, the recurring cycle of quitting and starting again somehow sensitizes your brain more and more, doing more damage each time, causing delirium tremens, but I forget the exact mechanism.  It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that drinking only one single alcoholic drink, only one time, would cause permanent and irreversible changes in belly fat.  It wouldn’t surprise me at all.  That’s exactly the kind of thing alcohol does to people.

So that was the seventh correlation with my sudden onset, intractable, annoying, won’t-go-away-and-has-no-explanation belly fat.

The only one that really worries me is the possibility that it’s hopniss contamination.  I was so enamored with that plant and wanted to cultivate it for so long, after hearing that Native Americans used to eat hopniss, but it was so toxic while I was handling it that I wondered if it would ever be edible at all, after reading stories about people vomiting uncontrollably after eating it, and after my similar sensations from eating jicama, a similar plant, which causes uncontrollable sudden explosive diarrhea, and vomiting if you eat enough of it, and I could feel the electrical sensations in my abdomen – it’s a poison, and it has nothing to do with any form of fiber, which is what people claim is causing the problem.  I eat tons of fiber and I’m accustomed to all sorts of fiber and fiber *never* does *anything* like this.  It’s a naturally occurring pesticide in the plant.

If it’s hopniss contamination, that means I will have to abandon all hope of using hopniss in any way, which is very disappointing, and I might even have second thoughts about allowing this native plant to regrow in its native habitat, if merely being close to it causes sudden irreversible obesity from inhaling the vapors, from proximity, and from contamination on the ground and from touching it.  Hopniss was a very long term project that I would be reluctant to let go of.

Anyway, so I’m still bothered by this hanging-on belly fat that started suddenly and unexplainably in the middle of summer this year, and, as I said, I have a photo from only a month or two before it happened, when my belly looked ‘normal,’ the usual level of thinness that I prefer.

It would help so much if only, if only, if only, I could start cooking for myself again.  I am still forced to buy ALL OF MY FOOD FROM HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, UTTERLY REPULSIVE PLACES LIKE BURGER KING EVERY SINGLE DAY.  If I were cooking all my own food and had my own fridge, I would be eating TONS AND TONS OF VEGETABLES every single day, I’d be using things like coconut oil to cook with, I’d be doing EVERYTHING THAT I KNOW THAT IS HEALTHY TO DO, but I can’t do ANY of those things right now – IT’S SO FRUSTRATING!  I’m angry, I’m helpless, I’m frustrated.  I can’t reliably store food for long periods of time at the tent – the temperatures change a lot, so I can’t store something for three months or so like I normally would do if I had a freezer full of vegetables!  I like to buy a whole lot of different kinds of vegetables, including bizarre things, and organic stuff, or stuff from the Chinese food store, and random new things, but it has to be kept for months and months in the freezer because it’s in big bags.

I need an off-the-grid freezer.  I’d like to have a microturbine in the creek filling up my batteries.  How much does a microturbine cost?

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