to the casual observer, the tent is gone

I moved it this morning. I actually moved it up the hill, and I’m going to be sleeping up there, still in the woods, still camping, but not in the exact same spot. If you look, you’ll see there is a path of footprints in the snow going up the hill. When the police came, I was in the process of moving and they caught me while I was coming down the hill. I couldn’t hide or avoid them because Jacob was in the tent and I didn’t want them terrorizing and/or killing him like they always did before, so I answered them. I figured protecting Jacob from being attacked by the police was more important than hiding the path I was walking up and down while moving my stuff uphill.

It is NOT set up the way I want it to be set up, AT ALL. I am not comfortable, not happy, and not organized. I have no idea where anything is, and I threw random pieces of garbage into plastic bags with clean and dirty laundry in them, merely so that I could carry those items up the hill. I will be able to sleep in it okay for the next couple nights, as it’s not going to be as badly cold as it was a few nights ago. But I am in the big tent for now, and that one is harder to keep warm. I wanted to be in the small tent – it fills up with my body heat. Nothing is the way I want it to be, and I can’t fix it right now because I’m too tired and had to take a break after moving the rest of my stuff.

My stick piles are left behind. To me, they are extremely valuable and they represent a lot of work, but to anyone else, they are worthless garbage. People throw their piles of sticks onto the curb for the borough to pick up. Those piles of sticks are worth their weight in gold – they are house building materials for me. I will get these stick piles once it gets warm outside and continue my
infrastructure building projects.

Right now I’m just going to sit at the laundromat and fool around for a while and try to do something with gamemaker, if I can muster up enough mental focus for it.


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