oops, correction. Who does what. Compulsive gambling caused by Abilify and worsened by Prozac

I visited Chris again so I could check on Jacob. I clarified with him that actually, Mike doesn’t do cocaine and neither does the no-shrimp guy. That was a misunderstanding. Chris had been talking about a couple of his *other* friends doing cocaine, I think he said. It wasn’t important, all that mattered was that it wasn’t about Mike.

Tonight we talked about how Abilify causes compulsive gambling, which Chris is experiencing, a huge waste of money. We even went so far as to fill out a form on one of the web pages where you can participate in suing the drug companies about this. It would be so ironic if these compulsive gamblers who could never win anything would win a big lawsuit against the drug company.

His gambling got worse after he started Prozac, but it began earlier with Abilify. It turns out that this connection between compulsive gambling and Abilify is actually a very huge big thing that all kinds of websites are already talking about.

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