Sorry for those last few posts without titles

I was sending them through text messages from my phones because I never had a chance to go online in the last few days. Right now I am covered with secondhand drug residues – Abilify (also known as Disabilify) and Prozac, and I have this strange sensation that I cannot move my fingers in a coordinated way, my eyes are kind of rolling back, and I am very tired and numb and can barely move. My unable-to-move fingers are the most annoying. I am fumbling things that I pick up, and it’s definitely because of these transdermal drug residues.

Some hacker tried to suggest that the one guy who attacked my tent was an ESFJ instead of an ENFJ. The only reason I thought he was an intuitive was because he had this delusional belief that he had to cut the rope to the tent because he was ‘in danger,’ and it didn’t seem like something a sensible person would have ever believed or done. It’s possible he’s an ESFJ.

I just have to get through the next couple days at work. I don’t know how many more days I’m going to be working before I’m off. I know I’m getting at least a week off when we are closed for Christmas break, but it might be more than that. I won’t be able to do much of anything at the tent.

I need to move some of the sticks that the big tent was sitting on. I had a pile of sticks to make the floor flat. I am always on a hill when I camp, because I am camping in places that weren’t designated for camping. But it’s impossible to sleep on a hill, and all your stuff slides to the downhill side of the tent. If too much stuff presses on the tent, it can break the flimsy plasticky carbon-fibery things that hold the tent up. I need to gather the stick pile and move it to the new place and put the little tent on top of it.

I didn’t do anything really weird at Chris’s house. Here is what happened. I just couldn’t explain it in a brief text message. I encountered him when I was shopping at Weis. I went home with him to his apartment and met his roommate. I stayed there for a while and we ate some of the food that I had gotten at the grocery store. Then we went in a taxi over to Walnut Springs and picked up Jacob and brought him back to the house. Then I stayed over there for the rest of the night sleeping on the couch.

However, it’s more complicated than that, because Chris constantly wanted to run to this place or that place and buy something or do something. I ended up going home the next day, but he wanted me to cash a check for him. I deposited it in my bank, but I don’t know if the check is going to go through or not. I’m just going to wait and see if it works okay. He kept wanting me to deposit another check for him and I said no. I don’t have infinite cash to give to him, especially when I don’t know if I will have a problem with the first check.

I ended up silencing my phone so I wouldn’t hear any more calls or text messages from him, and then went home and slept.

I need to go see Jacob and let him know I’m not abandoning him, but I will have to wait till later to do that – I have to get ready for work sometime soon. I’m going to be cold all day because my clothes and shoes are all damp. I’m going to be contaminated for days and days too. We did not even try to have sex at all, but I hugged him quite a few times. I already know he is going to be unable to have sex because he is on Prozac, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Disabilify does the same thing to you that Prozac does.


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