18 December, 2016 08:35

So, if I understand correctly, the drugs went like this: Ability, which stopped him from mumbling horrible angry things (Tourette’s) – I knew him at Weis Market years ago and I could never understand what he was mumbling, but he told me it was a lot of angry cursing. How much of this is a real brain disease, where the brain is having some kind of electrical activity in one region, maybe from vaccine induced chronic seizures, or other drugs he could’ve already been using, and how much might be an actual expression of real, legitimate anger at somebody, and how much is from electronic mind control? So, Ability stopped the mumbling but made him have no energy, he said. When he complained he had no energy (because of Ability), they diagnosed him with depression and gave him Prozac (brilliant move, medical industry!). He is REQUIRED to take these drugs to receive disability money, and a nurse comes over to the house to see that he takes them. That is the exact reason why I refuse to try to get disability money for electronic mins control attacks, because I will be forced to use deadly schizophrenia drugs. Chronic fatigue isn’t recognized as a disability, and it will be in the future, IF AND ONLY IF someone invents a drug for it. Mark my words! It will never be recognized until someone is making drugs for it. So, I don’t know all of why he uses marijuana, but he says it helps him get hungry enough to eat at all – severe loss of appetite. I lost my appetite on prozac. It calms him down. And tobacco cigarettes – a common addiction. Cocaine: he said it’s the only thing that gives him energy. Abilify makes him so dead he can’t do anything, prozac didn’t help with that, and nothing else works. He said they all use it, not just him (and I assume the No Shrimp guy too). One drug leads to another.


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