17 December, 2016 14:36

The seaweed incident. He is willing to try my weird foods. I gave him shrimp flavored seaweed. He then gave some to his roommate’s friend, who nibbled it until we mentioned it had real shrimp powder in it. Then he spit it out in the sink and started washing his mouth out. ‘oh no! Im so sorry! Are you allergic to shrimp?’ ‘no, the bible says not to eat shrimp. They’re like the cockroaches of the sea.’ so i said, ‘well, they’re probably not farmed in very clean conditions, either,’ and he said ‘they give them hormones and stuff.’ so then he told me all about the bible, and someone asked me about my religion. Total fail, i said, ‘im kind of like an atheist, but with a sort of mystical belief system.’ Does not describe Anaya at all! So one guy says, ‘pagans! Yeah i know a guy who believes in Odin and Thor,’ and goes on about that. Oh well. But, you cannot eat shrimp YET IT’S OK TO DO
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