17 December, 2016 14:19

Oh my god. What i have lived through in the last 24 hours. Jacob is at the house of Chris, a guy i knew from Weis market years ago. I was probably forced to encounter him when i went there to shop yesterday. He has tourettes syndrone, kleinfelter syndrome (XXY chromosome), is an ESFP, is using Abilify, prozac, cigarettes, marijuana, and last but not least, cocaine, and is addicted to playing the lottery, and is unemployed and on disability which requires the prescription drugs. He also says he has ADHD, but i dont view an entire socionic personality type as a disorder, so ADHD isnt legit in his case. I cant even explain what i have been doing for the last 24 hours, but jacob is at his house now. I ‘slept’ on the couch and was woken up by people coming and going all night long. The drug residues and horrible air quality were enough to keep me awake anyway. They dont smoke tobacco
indoors, but they smoke other things indoors. Oh, the seaweed incident. Maximum text length…
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