still doing okay; can’t find my debit card

I’m still at the tent. I tried to move a few more things up to the upper tent today, but it was very cold and I didn’t feel like dismantling my entire small tent today when it was like this. It will be warmer in a couple days, above freezing if we are lucky, and I might do it then.

I starved all day today. All I’ve eaten in the last day is some of my dried fruits and stuff, and a whole ton of cough drops. My cough seems to be possibly going away or becoming less severe, and hopefully it won’t be like last winter’s cough. I just don’t want to be coughing like crazy when I am trying to stealth camp right after being told by the police that I have to leave.

I feel skinner. I think eating herbs actually makes me lose fat. I was eating herbal cough drops. I wouldn’t normally buy cough drops except for this problem of having to not cough all night long in the tent, but when I do get cough drops, I want them to be all natural. First I bought Halls, because that’s all there was at the convenience store. It had sucralose in it, which makes it have a disgusting chemical flavor – they are shooting themselves in the foot by making it taste that way – it adds absolutely no value to the product whatsoever and I think people will prefer other types of cough drops to avoid that horrible flavor. I got Ricola cough drops, but even they had sucralose, but only in *certain flavors*. It was avoidable. So I was eating a whole ton of herbal extracts over the past two days.

I feel all skinnier, and I was even kind of staggering when I tried to walk after getting up out of the tent this evening. I just haven’t eaten any real food (which I am doing right now).

I misplaced my debit card, which pisses me off. It isn’t in any of my coat pockets. It must be in another pants pocket, or in the bag of stuff that I purchased, maybe with the cough drops. I don’t know why I would do something so stupid. So I had to buy my food with cash right now, and I need the cash to do the laundry, because I am going to wash the extra sleeping bag that has pesticides on it, so that I can use it. I still have some cash left. I hope it is enough. I will be extremely pissed off if it isn’t.

The guy at Monte Carlo pizza knows who I am, knows I’m camping, and is really nice to me. When I got a piece of pizza from him tonight, he didn’t make me pay for it.

I have been so horribly sick, but I seem to be getting better. It really wasn’t that bad.

Joseph didn’t go home yet – he goes on Monday – but I won’t see him. He called off sick on the last day when I was there – everyone is sick – and I’m off the next couple days, and he usually doesn’t work Sundays. It’s theoretically possible I could see him on Sunday.

The police did not visit me today. It was probably inconvenient. It was extremely cold, and the path up to my tent is really slippery and snowy. They know who I am and I spoke to them, so I hope that is enough to entertain them for a while. I sewed up the part of the tent they cut, and duct-taped another part of it that was ripped. So it’s mostly closable again. I used duct tape as a seam binder on the part that I sewed, to strengthen the fabric, which is very light and woven.

I hope to wash my hair tonight, along with washing the big sleeping bag.

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