Still warm enough so far

I haven’t had to dig out the pesticide-covered sleeping bag in the other tent yet. That’s the one I slept in after I was working at McDonald’s and they sprayed pesticide all over the store and it got all over me and my belongings. I couldn’t wash it out because the washer at the Youngs’ house was too small. I could wash it here at the laundromat but haven’t done it yet. It needs to be done, or else I need to buy a new one. It’s a heavier sleeping bag made for colder temperatures. I never use just one sleeping bag alone, but rather put a bunch inside each other, but eventually I need to use heavier ones. I’ve been using the blue insulation stuff instead of another sleeping bag.

Jacob is in his box right now. I set it all up, surrounded it with insulation and blankets, and made sure he understood how to get in. He went right in while I was still there, so he understands. I have the opening of the box partly draped over with blankets hanging down. There is a soft fleece blanket piled up on the inside of the box for him to curl up in.

I woke up in the night sweating because I was so hot. I had on some clothes, plus two rolls of the blue insulation were inside the sleeping bag. So I started ripping off clothes and pulled out the fleece blanket that was inside the sleeping bag.

I have to get ready for work now. I’m at the laundromat. In a few months this building will be shut down. I HATE THIS TOWN.

I am afraid if I start messing with the contaminated sleeping bag, I will have another chronic fatigue attack lasting for months. It would be better for me to buy a new one instead of trying to clean that one. Even in a big washer, it’s hard to get a sleeping bag clean.

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