John Podesta… wait, that’s the same guy who was talking about disclosure!

I didn’t notice the name. It’s the same guy. Before the election, John Podesta said that he regretted being unable to bring about the full disclosure about UFOs and aliens. This made me think, ‘Wow! A sane, respectable human being, who is already working for the government in a high level position, is in favor of disclosure about aliens and has openly tweeted something about this on twitter’ (or wherever it was, I think it was on twitter).

Now, all of a sudden, there is this huge, gigantic SMEARING of John Podesta. John Podesta – it’s the same guy again, but having his reputation totally destroyed. Wait a minute… wasn’t he a respected high-level government employee who believed in a crazy lunatic conspiracy theory a minute ago? Wasn’t that making it seem as though crazy lunatic conspiracy theories about UFOs and aliens might actually be a respectable, legitimate thing to believe in?

Now all of a sudden, the next day, or next month, or within a few months of this, suddenly everything everywhere is all about totally destroying the reputation of John Podesta. No longer is he a respectable high-level person in power who is making those ‘crazy conspiracies’ a legitimate, respected thing to believe in. Now he’s an evil pedophile.

I didn’t even notice that it was the same John Podesta who had mentioned alien disclosure. I don’t remember names! This is, once again, about me not having any memory. I noticed it while reading this article: because this article mentions him in both contexts, in the context of the pedophile-pizzagate scandal, and the
disclosure-is-a-respectable-thing-that-serious-high-level-government-employees-are-working-towards incident happening a few months ago.

Meanwhile, about the symbolism. The voices have been telling me that aliens actually symbolize children. Agustin, for instance, was a ‘gray alien.’ He was small, he was an alien from Guatemala, he was young, he was thin, and he’s ‘gray’ because he is neither black nor white (racially), but brown with straight hair. In between black and white is gray, so they’re calling brown people ‘gray.’

So now suddenly there is this connection between alien disclosure, and pedophilia. I wonder how John Podesta is reacting to this sudden smearing of his reputation? Where did this come from? Do I trust wikileaks anymore?

Really, if wikileaks has been around all this time, and we have these huge ‘breaking news’ incidents coming from wikileaks, WHY HASN’T THERE BEEN ANY HUGE BREAKING NEWS ABOUT THE REAL EXISTENCE OF ELECTRONIC MIND CONTROL YET???? Surely if there are all these whistleblowers and computer hackers and all that stuff breaking into people’s computers and stealing their emails. why hasn’t anyone found any huge news stories with all the technical details of who is doing electronic mind control all over the planet and how are they doing it?

Meanwhile, also, why didn’t Edward Snowden know about it either? If you’re able to get into all these super-secret NSA files and stuff, surely they have files talking about the fact that they are
controlling and spying on the brains and physical bodies of every human being inside their houses on the entire planet. That’s kind of important for people to know.

I’m interested in LITERAL aliens, not ‘aliens’ used as a symbol for children being kidnapped by pedophiles. Literal extraterrestrials, or else intelligent nonhuman species who are living on, or inside of, the earth along with us, whichever it is. I got the impression that whenever John Podesta said he regretted being unable to bring about disclosure, he was talking about literal aliens. Suddenly WE MUST RUIN HIS REPUTATION COMPLETELY. Why are they totally focused on Hilary Clinton and John Podesta? Doesn’t Trump have anything interesting secretly hidden in HIS emails? Isn’t anybody hacking into his emails yet? It just seems odd that after John Podesta said this and legitimized the belief in aliens and made it respectable, suddenly a huge amount of energy is directed at the goal of totally destroying his reputation.

Pizzagate. I wonder how much of this stuff is true.

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