i’m having a bad case of liver failure today

Myro spontaneously excused me from having to go to work this morning, even though I didn’t ask her to. This turned out to be a good thing because I still felt like crap from yesterday. I don’t like to use Advil, I prefer the generic ibuprofen, but had to buy it from a convenience store and that was all they had (except Midol, which has caffeine, which would have been even worse). I do react much more strongly to ‘real’ Advil than I do to the generic. Even though I only took six pills total yesterday – exactly the amount recommended on the bottle – I have liver pain, some nausea, difficulty eating and drinking, a headache, and an overall feeling that a truck ran over me. I’m at the laundromat now, struggling to drink some grapefruit juice, and later, if I feel better, I will try to eat corn chips with salsa, something I like to have when I’m getting over an upset stomach, for some weird reason. It ought to have been organic pico salsa from Weis Market, but I got what they had.

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