Shopping and waiting

This was written a couple days ago on my phone, but I never posted it yet.

I’m out of work a bit early and I really needed something at Walmart. I need blue insulation rolls for camping. I have some rolls already, but they are so moldy smelling they made me and Jacob both sick when I tried to bring them into the sleeping tent and use them. I knew they were bothering Jacob because he wouldn’t stay still and wouldn’t sleep, but kept going back outside again as though to avoid the smell, so I took it outside and just laid it on the path to the tent.

It turned out to be horribly slippery when wet, and I stepped on it barefoot and was lucky not to have had an idiotic and embarrassing, yet potentially serious, accident. That particular one is a weird kind of chemical smelling foam that I don’t like, but it was all they had on the shelf at the time. Tonight though they had the good ones, the cheapest smallest ones made of flat foam without bumps or ridges or egg cups.

Now I’m waiting to see Fantastic Beasts again.

I also bought wool gloves and wool socks. I want 100% wool, but all they had was mixed fibers, so I got them anyway. Decades ago I had these boots made of some kind of hard outer shell with felted wool on the inside, and those were our snow boots we wore when we went sledding – my brother and I had the same kind. They were so heavy you could barely walk in them, but they were warm.

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