I called and told them I’d like to come in late today

That’s how bad this is. I haven’t had cramping this bad in a long time and I’m wondering if it’s because I was eating sage, as an experimental herbal drug, several days ago, intermittently over a few days. It may have affected my menstrual tissue development somehow, or my nervous system, maybe increasing my sensitivity to pain or something, I don’t know. This is abnormally bad cramping. So I called Myro on the phone, told her what was happening, and said I could come in just a few hours late, if only this pill will start working. I’m going to try to be there at 4:30. I don’t like to call off sick for menstrual cramps, because that means I could have this problem every single month, and society still doesn’t completely accept the reality of employing women in the workplace. Women in the workplace are still expected to meet exactly the same standards as men, but I believe it needs to be socially acceptable for women to be allowed to stay home during their period every month if they are cramping, instead of being forced to take lots of pills and keep working like everything is okay. I believe that about all illnesses, though, that you should be able to stay home from work and the workplace should have arrangements in place such that you aren’t needed and they will survive without you when you are sick. That requires major changes to the way the workplace is arranged and the way people are hired. I’m too sick right now to describe it though. It’s something I’ve thought about before.

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