Sage, gamemaker, no sleep

I have been sleeping all day and staying awake all night. I was awake last night using GameMaker Studio copying Terraria, just making the skeleton of the game.

It is only herbal drugs that cause me to try to use GameMaker. I have been eating sage to test it. I wonder if it stops working, if your body becomes acclimated to it. What I really want to know is, what was the ingredient in the Chinese roommates’ food that made me smarter, in 2014? I think it was a black chopped paste in a jar, but I’m not sure. They put it on that particular meal.

I am only eating powdered sage from the grocery store, nothing special.

Joseph cut his hair today.

I got so little sleep, I cannot bear to work to midnight as I surely will have to. I can’t. I was almost crying. No sleep.

3 Responses to “Sage, gamemaker, no sleep”

  1. nebbie916 Says:

    Check this Cat Defender blogpost out.

    A Clever Devil at the University of Adelaide Boasts That He Has Discovered the Achilles’ Heel of Cats with His Invention of Robotic Grooming Traps as the Thoroughly Evil Australians’ All-Out War Against the Species Moves into Its Final Stages:

    It calls into question the treatment of free roaming cats, the treatment of both “native” and introduced species, and the terms “native” for indigenous species and “non-native,” “introduced,” and “invasive” for non-indigenous species.

  2. Nicole Says:

    Yeah, it’s that lie again: ‘Oh, it’s painless,’ when they suffer for hours. I remember seeing a glue trap for mice when I went home and visited my parents a couple years ago, at a neighbor’s house, and the neighbor gave it to us so we could try to get the snakes and lizards off of it. This ‘grooming trap’ kind of reminds me of how I felt when I saw the glue trap. Every method that doesn’t cause death instantly is going to cause hours and hours of suffering. Even the animals in that ‘grooming trap’ in the cat defender post that don’t lick off all the poison are still going to be horribly sickened by it, and it’s going to be on them for a long time if they don’t die. I’m not sure why they want to eradicate cats.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “I’m not sure why they want to eradicate cats.”

    I know exactly why!

    They are Rabid Communist Vegans!

    Yhey believe only the chosen can feed on the fruit of man, and all others must grovel and eat shit! Felines are blatantly carnivorous. They are not cowardly lying thieves, who would manipulate and guilt trip an omnivore, they know what they are and are proud of their hunting skills!

    Gemini is climbing the walls in adolescence. Aries is a beautiful reminder of CatDog-

    Gerry mouse is in terror at least until such time as the Communist Liberal Complex forces me to neuter them.

    I look forward to a time when pencil cunts is not my no 2 thought upon waking….


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