Glass noodles and uziza leaves and fish sauce

I made a meal of some weird things. I had cellophane noodles, the same thing as glass noodles, made from mung beans. Then today I bought fish sauce made from anchovies, salt, and sugar, at the International Market store. I had a bad day and probably have PMS, so I was clumsy, irritable, and did everything wrong today…, so, the fish sauce barely made it 50 feet from the store before the bag swung against the bike wheel, bent the lid open, and made the fish sauce start leaking through the corner of the bag. I was able to close it, though – it wasn’t broken.

I got dried rosemary and sage, and a new weird herb used in Indian food, but I forgot the name and can’t find the bag right now. (Uziza leaves. Never heard of them.) So I added all three of those herbs to the noodle water, garlic, and tons of fish sauce. That’s all, just noodles and garlic with herbs. Oh also the last bit of lard in my one ounce sample jar, and a few shavings of tallow.

It was very good, and I don’t mind eating bitter herbs. Small amounts of bitterness are okay. I probably will desire fruit juice soon, but I’m taking a nap first. I got out of work early enough to go shopping and get this stuff (I already had the glass noodles, unused, from when I lived in the house), but the sun set while I boiled the noodles. So I sat there in the dark.

Sitting by a hot object is wonderful. I want a fire. I love infrared. The grill is all I have for now. Its smoke is invisible, although people could theoretically smell the foods I’m cooking. I just don’t want people to find this place unless I trust them.

I must acquire many foods that can be stored at room temperature, and only once in a while get special treats that are perishable, and use them immediately. I love this philosophy, this approach, of gathering nonperishable, off-the-grid foods. I still did not see kaffir lime leaves though. Maybe somewhere else.

I must teach myself to trust myself to provide myself with foods as good as, and better than, and more desirable than, anything sold in restaurants, Burger King, or the convenience store. I must make a lot of memories of resisting the urge to go buy food and instead making it at home, knowing it will be even better than what I would have gotten. It’s like quitting caffeine.

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