incidentally, no heart attacks from the tallow

I forgot to mention that after eating the little bit of tallow yesterday – more than I’ve ever eaten in one sitting before from that particular jar, just a lot of shavings into the ‘soup’ – I did not have any heart attack sensations. The closest was a tiny bit of chest pain which could have just as easily been from inhaling smoke and fumes from the new grill. The grill itself has instructions saying you have to turn on the grill for fifteen minutes with the lid on to let it heat up the paint and make the chemicals go away before you use it.

I was sitting right next to this grill enjoying the infrared heat the whole time it was cooking, so I inhaled these fumes (although I wasn’t next to it during the first fifteen minutes when I heated it empty according to the instructions). But surely they cannot be 100% gone after only heating it for fifteen minutes. Nothing is ever 100% gone.

I felt the tiny little bit of a chest pain during heavy breathing while walking or riding the bike, and it was mild and temporary, and could have just as easily been from my lungs. I could not tell. I did not have the obvious clamping pressure elephant-on-the-chest sensations that I had a few years ago. Oh, and I went to the doctor back then and had them do all this testing, all of which made them conclude that I have had no heart attacks at all, no lasting damage, no scars, no changes to the sound of the heart beat. I never paid that medical bill. I stopped paying all my bills, including the credit card, at that time, and basically went bankrupt. But they said nothing had been permanently damaged, according to their thingamabob. They didn’t understand why I had heart attack sensations, which is WHY I HAVE TO DO ALL MY RESEARCH BY MYSELF. The end.

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