I’m sitting here freezing at the laundromat; got a little bit of garbage sorting done, thankfully

What the blasted heck? I’m having technical difficulties. Ignore all the little pointy things along the left side.

On 11/19/16, Nicole Binns wrote:
> 4:06 PM 11/19/2016
> I should have brought my heating pad with me. I’ve been sitting here > at the laundromat a long time and I’m still cold.
> I’m de-stressing. I did some work earlier today. I am having fatigue > with a somewhat slow heartbeat, which indicates that something is > contaminated with a substance, like the blankets or my clothes, and I > don’t know what because it could be several different things. But I > was able to get up and work on the other tent. I didn’t get a huge > amount of sorting done today, but just a little. Mostly I struggled > with putting the tarps back on over the tent, because the wind blew > them off. The wind is blowing harder because the leaves are gone from > the trees and bushes. They usually block the wind somewhat. I have > it all tied down better now.
> I just had to leave for a while and go play Terraria or read the > internet or eat something. I will try to play Terraria a bit, but I’m > not feeling super energetic. I wish I could drink coffee. It would > be so comforting. I’m still staying off it. I don’t drink hot > chocolate or hot tea either. I could potentially drink one of the > South American corn-based drinks that I learned about when I was > researching Guatemala. We should have those corn drinks here. They > would be popular.
> I do have some trash bags that need to go to the dumpster. I’m using > a different dumpster than the one I used before, because that one was > not used very often so it was really obvious that my bags were in > there, and somebody actually got them out and cut one open to see what > was inside it, so they could potentially try to contact me and charge > me with a fine or something for putting trash in their dumpster. Now > I’m using one which is a lot farther away and up a long hill, but it’s > by an apartment building with hundreds of apartments, so it won’t be > obvious that somebody is putting trash in there because hundreds of > other people are also putting trash in there.
> I need that heating pad. It was a mistake to come here without it…. >


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