i defeated the moon lord

I’ve been playing Terraria and I defeated the Moon Lord, the final monster. However, I skipped a few monsters because they were optional and I forgot about them, like Duke Fishron, which I had to look up in the wiki and find out how to awaken him. So there are still a few things I haven’t done yet. I didn’t do the latest add-on thing with the Dungeon Defenders.

I kind of felt sorry for the Moon Lord by the end when I was just standing there shooting him in his heart. He seemed like he was really mostly dead by then and was just lying there. Poor guy. I just kept disappearing and getting healed by my nurse, but I guess the Moon Lord doesn’t have a nurse to heal him because he must not have any friends. I thought the Moon Lord looked kind of cool. I’d be his friend.

I watched a Youtube channel called ‘Movie Sins’ or something like, or ‘Everything wrong with X’ (a particular movie). I forget exactly what it was. But I got that person’s way of thinking into my head now, and I am asking questions that I shouldn’t ask, like ‘Why can’t the Moon Lord get healed by a nurse if I can? Why does he drop these tiny little weapons that I am able to use, but he wasn’t using them on me?’ and so on. It’s a game. You just accept the reality you are given. There are these norms in this kind of game. That’s the way it’s done.

It’s interesting, when I start questioning the movies and games like that, or question my own story that I was fantasizing about (I never write stories except when I’m under the influence of drug residue contamination as I seem to be now), I retaliated against that way of questioning and instead switched to using Edward de Bono’s ‘Green Hat Thinking.’ I ended up always saying, ‘That’s the way it’s done in the story. Now we have to accept it, no matter how strange it is, and explain it as it is, instead of destroying the idea or taking it away and replacing it with nothing.’ If you do that, you can create new ideas and new explanations that add to the story, make it even stranger and more interesting, and actually strengthen the original idea, if you do it right.

So, like, the questioner/critic will ask something like, ‘Why did you have to do X this way? Why couldn’t you have just done something perfectly simple, like this other commonsense idea?’ It’s more than just ‘because if we did, there wouldn’t be a story.’ You can make the explanation stronger than that. When you’re really challenged to ask that, you can insist that there really IS a reason, and then think of that reason, and the newly invented reason can add depth to the story.

I was only doing this as a mind game last night. I don’t think this way routinely. It was because I spent a few hours watching youtube and watched a bunch of those ‘movie sins’ videos for some of my favorite movies. The people who make that channel said that even they themselves really loved some of the movies they were criticizing, and that ‘no movie is without sin.’

I’m not done with Terraria just because I defeated the Moon Lord, but I won’t need to have such a goal orientation now. I can fool around a little bit with it instead of fighting battles all the time. I can use my super weapons and make it easy whenever I’m fooling around and being lazy. Oops, I just killed every single enemy on the screen with my Meowmere! Oh well.

I had to take a break from throwing away my belongings. It’s extremely stressful to do that, and I can only do it for so long before breaking down. I did just a little bit of throwing stuff away earlier today, but not really enough, not a lot. There is more to do.

The temperature plummeted, as predicted… it snowed little round ice balls and it rained. I need to check the weather report.

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