Some stuff got sorted. A bad day, and a good day. Organizations live forever, enabling them to possess land and take it off the market so no one else can buy it

4:39 PM 11/17/2016

It seems that tallow doesn’t always work to get me out of bed. I had a bad day, even though it was perfectly warm and sunny and I was off work and I should have spent the whole day sorting belngings in the other tent. I just could not get out of bed even after eating a few small shavings of tallow. I also had a little bit of the
rosemary-preserved lard, since I had thought that rosemary raises my blood pressure too (I had also been thinking that the tallow raised it, even though it has no rosemary – they only added rosemary to the soft liquid fats). Neither of them worked, and I was in bed all day, and now, it’s the evening and the sun is going down.

I overdrew my bank account, and I don’t always get a direct deposit on Thursday – it sometimes comes on Thursday, or Friday. So I have no money. But I have money saved at home – it’s just not meant to be used lightly. I also had a ton of change, which is what I just spent to eat at Burger King. Nothing but change.

I was giving money to Jesse several times over the past few weeks, because some (not all) of his paycheck was taken from him for this punishment thing, which hasn’t actually started yet. He’s waiting to get the urine tests back for proof that he actually used a drug. He told me that he just confessed to using it, thinking that if he confessed, his punishment would be lighter than if he tried to hide it.

So that was one reason why I didn’t have a lot of money. I also spent a lot of money on the phone bill, and I didn’t have enough money to buy the more expensive, but better cost-per-minute, tracfone cards that give you a larger number of minutes. So I kept buying the bad deal, high cost-per-minute small cards with only a few minutes on them, because I had so little money, but had to keep the phone going, because Jesse was calling me a lot.

I don’t want to just say no to him – he had said he was considering suicide because of this incident. He is important to me and I want to help him out when I can. And I am ‘doing unto others as others have already done to me’ – my own parents have sent me hundreds, or thousands, of dollars over the years because of all my problems.

A couple days ago, when I said it was a good day, and I got a shower and got the laundry done, I did also sort through one of the bins full of papers. There are miscellaneous objects in the bottom that are not paper, and I quit when I got to those. I sorted through all the stuff above it. 99% of it was trash, and 1% of it was special sentimental stuff that I needed to keep.

Today was just awful – I stayed in bed the whole entire day, and barely managed to even lie in bed playing Terraria until the battery died. I was just so exhausted. I started feeling exhausted last night at work, when I went slower and slower washing dishes like a zombie, and I don’t use caffeine anymore, but sometimes, even caffeine doesn’t help. On those days when caffeine doesn’t help, caffeine used to just make me do something obsessive for hours on the computer, but not actually do anything productive. So I could write a hundred page blog or play Terraria all night long but not do anything useful.

I’ve made it to the laundromat now, and I bought food – with coins. I do have cash at home, but that’s my special savings and I can’t use it except for a life or death emergency. I’m withdrawing a small amount from the bank after each paycheck and putting it in there, and I also found a $100 bill from Kaarma restaurant when I was looking through the tent and found my other wallet, along with some twenties and fives and miscellaneous other money, so I put all that money into the savings too. It’s nothing, and I barely even have less than $300 there so far, I think.

The other day, I actually sorted the papers in the dark, with little purple work gloves on, the ones made from that rubbery stuff that I can’t remember the name of that begins with an N, because it was cold and my fingers were cold. I had a flashlight sticking out of a little pocket in my coat, shining on the papers so I could see them. I was sitting on a slanted pile of cardboard. It was not at all ergonomic. Nitrile. Nitrile gloves.

So, it is still possible that I could do the same thing again tonight, even though I failed to do it all day when the sun was shining and it was warm.

Global warming – I don’t even want to talk about it. The whole thing is garbage. First, global warming or global climate change is not necessarily bad, although I will regret it if people start doing agriculture and putting concrete and asphalt down on the permafrost in the Arctic and destroying all the species there, the way agriculture always destroys everything. But aside from that, warming isn’t a bad thing.

Second, it could be caused by ionospheric heaters, but we’re not allowed to talk about ionospheric heaters.

Third, it could be caused by the sun itself putting out more energy, which is what some people believe is happening, and that idea isn’t talked about much.

Fourth, if we dislike cars and gasoline for some other reason besides the fact that they ’cause global warming,’ we need to say so. And people have blamed climate change on insane things like cows passing gas – completely insane, don’t even waste my time trying to argue about that.

I got food stamps – I’ve been accepted and I have my card and I used it once. But they are only giving me like $17 a month because they don’t know my true expenses and my true income, which is less than it was when I first applied for the food stamps. So they think I’m perfectly fine and I have no expenses, and they don’t understand that I have to buy all my food hot because I am homeless and don’t have a fridge or a stove to prepare refrigerated or frozen food, and I don’t eat canned food.

I no longer believe in land ownership. I was thinking about this, and realized that institutions have eternal life, though individuals do not, so something like Penn State University is able to buy thousands of acres around the area, and compete against individual people, and it’s able to keep and own that thousand acre property for hundreds and hundreds of years, blocking other individuals from owning it. Meanwhile, for ordinary people, when they die, they lose their land and it either goes to their children or goes to nobody, and the banks and real estate agencies (corporations with eternal life) receive it.

Individual people cannot just buy a piece of land and own it for the rest of eternity and block everyone else from having it. Corporations can. All agencies and organizations that exist for hundreds of years are able to do that. So Penn State University has unfairly been keeping land off the market and preventing individual people from having a chance to buy it, and they can just keep buying more, and more, and more over the centuries, until all the land in the USA is owned by businesses and organizations that have eternal life.

Churches are another organization that owns land. Churches own a very large amount of land, though I’d have to google search for this to find out how much. And the queen of England owns a huge amount of land, technically, though doesn’t actually use it herself.

Does Scientology own land?

I want my newly created religion to have churches and be an official organization that owns land. It will have to be legally incorporated in some way, however churches are incorporated, in whatever way that enables them to legally own the same piece of land for centuries.

Some weird shit going on with Korea. My coworker was concerned. The female president of South Korea has been involved in all this corruption, which is shameful to them – they want to look like a modern first world country making progress, and now this happens to stain their reputation. That was what I picked up from conversing with him.

Some of the Korean president scandal involved a religious cult that was like a mixture of Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and basically, the Illuminati. I need to google this. It sounded interesting.

How to incorporate a church so that it becomes an organization that is legally able to own land? It then must be passed down to my replacements, and I must search for them and train my replacements, so the church will have eternal life and become empowered to fulfill its mission.

I’m eating Burger King food, which is sort of yucky and sickening. It’s not what I really want. I want real food.


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