Beef tallow helped me get out of bed today

11:56 AM 11/15/2016

Today is a good day, although it’s going by too quickly. I’m at the laundromat, actually doing laundry. I went to bed early last night after getting out of work around 4:00 pm or so. So I was in bed for a very long time, going through sleep cycles and waking up after every single cycle, just waking up like every hour and a half or so. I don’t think I slept through any sleep cycles without waking up at the end. I haven’t kept track of this and don’t know whether it’s something that’s normally happening to me or if it’s caused by an attack or what. However, I felt that I slept well enough.

My sleeping bags need to be decontaminated from various things, but they are not so toxic as to be completely life-ruining. I am not washing them at this moment, I’m washing normal laundry.

I got up and scraped off a few thin shavings of grass fed beef tallow from the one ounce sample jar. It was rock hard and cold, and it doesn’t melt in my mouth. But I’m pretty sure the tallow is what gave me the strength to get out of bed. We’re not supposed to say this, but, I think the mainstream medicine people might be right when they claim that saturated fat raises your blood pressure. However, elevated blood pressure is exactly what a chronically fatigued, chemical-sensitive person needs to get out of bed in the morning. My blood pressure is ‘normal,’ but it seems to benefit me when I elevate it. I can do hard work when it’s elevated.

‘We’re not supposed to say this,’ in the community of people who believe in alternative medicine, who are rediscovering the benefits of real animal fat instead of vegetable oils. We’re supposed to say that everything about animal fat is great, and everything about vegetable oil is bad, and everything mainstream medicine ever claimed about animal fat was wrong. However, I’m seeing ‘grains of truth’ on both sides of the argument, so I am constantly doing my own individual testing and observations to find out what the various kinds of fat do to me personally.

I learned years ago that cooking with vegetable oil put my entire body in so much pain I could barely walk up the stairs. The opposite is true with this beef tallow. I am able to do hard work outdoors if I eat the beef tallow, and I am not in pain. But I’m pretty sure it raises my blood pressure. And I don’t eat tons of it, just a few thin scrapings.

I was able to do something very difficult – I cleaned out the small tent where I’m sleeping. I went a few weeks without a trash bag in there, because I ran out of bags, and although I had some in the other tent, I hadn’t actually gone and gotten any yet. So there was trash strewn around and getting everywhere and it was in my way so badly that I couldn’t find things I needed, such as actual food, because the real food was buried under empty bags of previously eaten foods. I would keep thinking I had things I didn’t have, like bags of gelatin fruit candies (whatever they’re called, gummy bears and variations on those), but they were empty bags.

So, I cleaned all that out this morning. I spilled Tide laundry detergent and had to clean that out with a lint roller (from where it was piled on a surface that I couldn’t take outside to shake), and I had to take out all the sleeping bags and shake them outside to get the Tide off them. Tide isn’t the end of the world, but I don’t want Jacob getting it in his fur and licking it off himself.

I found a small bag of clean laundry with a whole bunch of underwear in it. It had gotten lost underneath some stuff for a week or two, which explained why I had been unable to find any underwear except for just two or three, when I knew I had just recently bought some new ones. Now I have them again.

It’s sunny and warm. When I get this laundry done, I want to also take a shower. But most importantly, I want to sort through stuff in the other tent. I won’t have time to do a lot today. The day is so short.

I am actually feeling happy. I haven’t had problems with seasonal depression. That’s the one thing I don’t seem to have. I am happy in the wintertime. I’m not depressed. It’s just that I can’t function when it’s cold and when my fingers are in pain from the cold. I can’t do much in the tent when it’s 18 degrees.

I’ve gotten a lot of my health problems figured out over the years, so that I am no longer suffering from things that bothered me in the past. I no longer have a mercury dental filling, although the plastic ones have caused new and different problems, but they are less severe for me. I have fewer problems with food – I know what to eat, and I know about alternative nutrition, along with mainstream nutrition, and I can choose what to eat based on all of that knowledge and my own experiences and observations from all these decades.

So that is probably why I don’t have seasonal depression and I actually feel rather happy in the winter, most of the time, except on the darkest rainiest days. My nutrition is somewhat decent even though it is absolutely nowhere near what I ideally want it to be.

I want gummy bears made from grass fed gelatin and a wide variety of exotic fruits. I love gummy bears. They are one of my staple foods, due to the fact that I am forced to go shopping at convenience stores and forced to eat food that is able to stay at room temperature. I can’t go to other stores to go shopping because it’s too long of a trip. So I get candy, and one of the healthiest candy options that actually provide a tiny fragment of real nutrition is the gummy bears. Now I’ve been buying some that have artificial colors, which I absolutely do not want, but I am tolerating them. This is temporary.

I have to finish the laundry – it’s waiting to be dried. I feel very good today. I want to take a shower, finally – I didn’t get one last week and had to just wash my hair in the sinks, not my whole body.

After that, I hope to work on the other tent, unpacking the big tubs of papers and throwing them away. I want to get rid of as much as I can. There is so much to do. I feel that I will be able to do a lot today. But I can’t sit here blogging forever and ever. I can’t fool around too much.

It’s sunny and warm, but the day is short.

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    I forgot how much I liked that Schrodinger’s cat blog the last time you linked to it and I read it.

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