Oh yeah, “Locks of Love”. Huge rant.

My coworker / manager Dave sometimes tells me I should cut my hair and give it to Locks of Love. Yesterday I told him, briefly, without explanation, that I have reasons why I don’t do that. I could only give him the short summary, which is, that I don’t do that because I don’t believe in our entire process of how cancer is treated. It’s an emotional topic for him, and he wasn’t eager to hear my whole rationale – he said his sister has been kept alive for 23 years or something because of that process of treating cancer.

If so, his sister is a victim just like Tracy from McDonalds. She has been taking chemo pills for over a decade, when she no longer has cancer, and I’ve written about her before in my blog. When I talk about this, I often use the word "stupid," which I would not want to say to Dave’s face while talking about his sister, but I often wrote angrily that Tracy was too stupid to question or disobey her doctor prescribing pills that gave her horrific side effects, were no longer necessary as her cancer was gone, and often caused cancer themselves.

It’s not just the treatment of cancer I object to. It’s the CAUSING of cancer that I object to. Cancer has causes, we know what they are, and we do them anyway: vaccines, and birth control pills, and hormone supplements after menopause, and many other drugs and chemicals. Did Dave’s sister’s doctor ever bother telling her that she got cancer by taking birth control pills, and she could get rid of it by stopping the pills? Nope..I’m guessing that’s what gave her cancer, because that’s the biggest cause of cancer for most adult women. Just assume that’s what caused it and you will usually be right. Rule of thumb.

I don’t approve of making a big fuss about how wonderful it is to save people’s lives by treating cancer after we ourselves gave it to them. The very same doctor who gave her the cancer causing drugs with his right hand is giving her the chemo drugs with his left hand, and then patting himself on the back and telling himself what a great job he’s doing. I don’t approve of getting emotional over this situation when we ought to be angry at the doctors and drug companies instead. They are not saving lives. They are the killers.

So how does that tie in with Locks of Love? Locks of Love implies that it’s normal, inevitable, and helplessly unavoidable for women to lose their hair when they get cancer. No other option exists. We must sacrifice our own hair so that a sick person, who is already suffering enough, doesn’t have to suffer the shame of looking bald and wearing a bad quality wig made of plastic hair like dolls have, which has an unnatural texture and gets damaged easily (but it is possible to make hair from plastic like dolls). This is our way of sharing the suffering. Suffer along with a helpless victim who got struck by lightning totally at random – not someone who could have easily avoided cancer in the first place by never taking birth control pills. And chemo isn’t the only way to treat cancer. Waiting for the cancer to go away on its own, after removing the cause of cancer (drugs), is another option.

I just don’t view any of this as inevitable and unpredictable and powerless. Many people with cancer keep on taking more and more drugs that cause cancer – chemo drugs – then go on to say their cancer has " metastasized" by going all over their body to other organs. No, the cancer did not "metastasize" or go somewhere or move around. They took drugs that went everywhere through their bloodstream, causing more cancer everywhere in their body.

Pesticides are another cause. Living next to a farm that sprayed something, or a factory that was emitting chemicals – when we focus on feeling sorry for the victims, we ignore the causes. The causes have to be stopped.

I won’t cut my hair to give it to somebody who doesn’t have to get chemotherapy, can choose some other treatment (such as removing the cause of cancer and then waiting for the cancer to go away), and hasn’t understood the causes, and is being treated by the same industry that makes drugs, poisons, medical treatments (such as vaccines), unnecessary surgeries (such as appendix removal, which leads to people getting colon cancer later on), and chemicals that all cause cancer to begin with. This person needs to simply get themselves as far away from doctors, drugs, chemicals, and all of it, as they can. That is a treatment plan I approve of. If they follow that plan, they get to keep their own hair and don’t need mine.

So I don’t approve of the focus of Locks of Love. It is a distraction and a set of assumptions that I disagree with. Hey! Look over here! These poor women are bald! Let’s feel sorry for them! Meanwhile, the doctors run away and do it again.

I also don’t like wigs to cover baldness. It is dishonest and fake. Wearing a head covering is more honest. It doesn’t fool anyone like a wig would do. Why do you need to "look normal?" Because you don’t want someone like me coming up to you and saying, "Hey, guess what? Your chance of survival is much higher if you stop taking the drugs that made you go bald."? You don’t want anyone talking to you about the fact that you’re taking chemotherapy drugs? Why not? Are you unsure of your own reasons for taking them? Are you lacking confidence in your ability to argue with strangers about taking them? You just don’t like how everyone looks at you all the time when you are wearing a cloth wrapped around your head?

I don’t feel sorry for these people. These are the same people I have to fight against for every single thing that I want the world to be. I want to argue with these sorts of people about all of life, all of how we do things in society, and they are the people who never concede to doing things the way I want them done. Why should I make a sacrifice to give to them when I disagree with their reasons for allowing the doctors to give them cancer, then give them even more cancer to treat the original cancer, along with horrific side effects, when I already know they would never listen to a word I say or agree with any of my beliefs or opinions about anything at all? I do not feel obligated to make sacrifices for people whose whole approach to all of life is opposed to my own.

I’m not gonna have time to sort stuff in the other tent. I was too tired to get up and get dressed.

My advice to all the people on chemotherapy is, stop the drugs immediately, quit visiting your doctor, get rid of whatever gave you cancer, eat an extremely nutritious diet and take care of your general health, let your hair grow back, and wait and see if the cancer goes away. Someone may have to visit your house and inspect it to look for sources of cancer, such as a farm nearby or toxic building materials, and you may have to move out of your house. They will have to inquire into your detailed history about what drugs and substances you’ve used in the past. This requires knowledge you might not have. But that is my advice.

Some things like asbestos build up in the body and can’t be removed, but don’t cause cancer until something triggers them. Take away the other triggers that are under your control, and the asbestos or whatever will calm down and won’t give you cancer anymore. It will still be there doing nothing.

I shouldn’t try to talk about these things while typing on the PutaPhone. It’s too slow to type this way.

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