Not to mention my opposition to the whole hair cutting culture

Since I’m too tired to get up and do work I might as well keep ranting. As I’ve discovered, Locks of Love isn’t really doing what most people think it does. It gives wigs to children with alopecia, not primarily to cancer patients. And it is a very ineffective, inefficient charity compared to the competitors who are less well known and don’t have such a catchy name. Why cut your hair for cancer when it will be sold to someone else, or not used for cancer? Or even discarded?

It’s all part of the haircutting mentality. All hair must be cut. Hair that’s "too long" is just tempting fate or getting too much attention.

I’m too tired of ranting to "go full Anaya" on everyone, but, my religion, Anaya, forbids haircutting for both sexes, all races, and all degrees of baldness. Even a man with no hair left except a ring around the lower back of his head is required to grow his remaining hair.

Maybe I will die before I get to build my intentional community of Anaya people. As of now it is only a wish.

I’m having such a hard time typing on this phone that I cannot rant at full speed. Suffice it to say that it’s just another part of the spirit of conformity, the opposition to all long hair on both men and women, to guilt trip people into cutting it off to give to a charity that doesn’t even do what people think it does (women with cancer? Nope, kids with alopecia from any cause), to distract from the wrongness of our whole approach to causing and curing cancer, and give it to a charity that uses it very inefficiently or not at all – for nothing, except to get rid of that long hair that’s getting so much attention, and defying conformity. I disagree with this whole mindset.

I hate when I need to do something but I’m too tired to get out of bed. I hope I can do it tomorrow.

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