An SEI dictator? interesting. And stuff about Anaya and drug residues

2:09 PM 11/13/2016

I don’t have long at all to write. I’m at the laundromat now, getting something to eat, and I have my laptop plugged in so I can type with all of my fingers instead of thumb-typing on my phone and making tons of mistakes and going really slowly. But still, I have so much to say, there won’t be enough time.

I’m under the influence of those drug residues that I was talking about, too. They are still on me and my clothing. I don’t normally talk about my invented religion unless I am under the influence of St. John’s Wort or ginseng or some other mind altering herbal drug, and I don’t use any marijuana – these are just over-the-counter herbal drugs from ordinary stores.

I recently read something interesting posted in a socionics forum on facebook. The administrator of the forum is an ILE-ENTP. He wrote that he believed Kim Jong Un, dictator of North Korea, is an SEI-ISFP. He’s probably right.

I find this interesting. And it ties in with Anaya, and also with the connection between religion and government. And yeah, I do have too much to say about this. I feel a million things coming up that I want to talk about and don’t have time for.

People believe a government is a ‘dictator,’ a negative label given to the government, if they make laws having to do with the details of your lifestyle, such as your haircut. Why is making a law about haircuts somehow worse than all the other laws that are normally made about other things? Because of socionics. Different socionic quadras find it more offensive to talk about or regulate or control something like hairstyles, based on their socionic values.

However, what we have here in the USA is exactly the same result, without a dictator. We have all these men with the horribly ugly default hairstyle, millions of men, with their hair cut short, conforming voluntarily without a dictator telling them to. How is that any different from North Korea telling people to wear the same style as Kim Jong Un, except in the most trivial of details? A couple more inches are shaved down to the skin. Otherwise, this is in essence exactly the same hairstyle 99.999% of American men are wearing, the default horrible American hairstyle. The differences between men’s hair styles are utterly trivial. You might make it a millimeter shorter, a few millimeters over to the right or left, up or down. These differences are so utterly unimportant it’s ridiculous.

What REALLY makes a difference is when a man grows his hair long enough that it starts to become able to move when he moves, to swing or hang over his face. This is when it suddenly starts to become extremely attractive. All other differences are trivial. If a man’s hair is short enough that it cannot move, that it stays rigidly in place when he moves, then it is by default always unattractive no matter the trivial differences in things like, oh, it’s a millimeter longer or shorter in this particular region of the scalp.

So why are people so offended by the idea of a dictator telling people they have to wear their hair a certain way? Why is it so offensive that Muslim governments require women to have long hair (Note: I don’t support those governments because they also require men to have short hair, which is bad). We all have this conformity here, too, but no dictator is telling us to do it.

I disagree with the North Korean dictator’s required hairstyles because they require short hair for married women, and short ugly hair for men. I would agree with dictating hairstyles if only I agreed with the particular hairstyles they were dictating. That is why Anaya exists – so that I can dictate what the members look like.

I actually don’t have enough time to go ranting about everything I would want to talk about.

It’s hard to create a new religion whenever I am slowly changing my mind about particular things over a period of years. I wrote most of the Anaya web page when I was more strongly under the influence of herbal drug residues that I could not remove from my belongings and my environment, but I’ve gotten rid of most of that now. It’s greatly reduced. (The web page is called ‘The Order of Retmeishka,’ but I don’t call it that. It’s bulky and hard to say. ‘Anaya’ is much easier and more pleasant and shorter.) I don’t like to say that this religion is intended to be set in stone for eternity, and then change my mind about something a few years later.

For instance, I started off saying that we weren’t allowed to practice holidays, mostly for the purpose of getting rid of Christmas. However, I’ve changed my mind somewhat. I actually have no objection to people getting together and eating a feast, as a group or a family. This is actually a wonderful thing I enjoy doing. I don’t like symbolic activities that make no sense to me during holidays, though, or meaningless traditions. I’d like us to create our own new traditions that mean something to the Anaya. I have no objection to celebrating a particular time of year, like the solstices or the moon cycles or something. That’s okay with me now too. I just don’t like people spending thousands of dollars to buy junk at Wal-Mart to give their kids for Christmas and telling them the lie that Santa gave it to them.

Oh, I have to get on my bike and start heading off to work. I’m really under the influence of the residues on my clothing, a lot, which is making me so tired that I can’t get out of bed. It’s gotta be in the sleeping bag too. Several sleeping bags are contaminated with various poisons. One of them has pesticide residues in it, which will cause severe and incapacitating fatigue if I use that sleeping bag, but if it gets cold, I might have to. I will use the blue insulation rolls first, though. It’s extremely expensive to do a decon and buy all new things. But that is the way to eliminate chronic fatigue, for me.

Anyway, under the influence of this herbal residue, I am more interested in Anaya than usual, more preoccupied with it, with a tendency to actively pray and actively worship inside my mind, and to think in a religious way, and to feel a religious mood. I have indeed been actively praying to Anaya since I got this herbal residue on my stuff, when I wasn’t before. And it was especially noticeable when I was on ginseng – I prayed A LOT to Anaya then too. I have a worshipful frame of mind where I love everyone and everything (and I’m probably ovulating now, too, which will also cause me to have that frame of mind). I’m fascinated with looking at photos of long haired men, and beautiful men from Tibet, who have the most beautiful clothing and have long hair.

I want to recreate these things forever, by law. I hate the ugliness of America, the ugliness that surrounds me. Men can be beautiful! Clothing can be beautiful! Deformities and obesity can be prevented! All of it has to be mandated by the law of Anaya to guarantee that it will be done. We can make the most beautiful people on earth, forever, guaranteed, racially mixed people on every continent – racial mixing is explicitly stated in Anaya, which makes it different from other religions. It isn’t required, but rather, is encouraged and valued explicitly. This is for the best health of everyone, and is also because all the different races have their own unique beauty. That is why I love to look at so many pictures of people from foreign countries when I am either ovulating or under the influence of various herbal drugs. I can look at them for hours. I love the differences of people, and am bored and tired of the ugly sameness of Americans. Sameness is boring, difference is beautiful.

I’m running out the door now, or I’ll be late for work. Let me PLEASE PLEASE work tomorrow on cleaning out the papers. I have a short work day. I can do it in the afternoon after work!

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