$41 million sends only 1100 kids to college???

I’m using the internet on my phone from the tent, which I don’t do often because it wastes minutes of data that I have to pay for, but I’ve been doing that more often lately.

I searched for "how to remove screen print from clothing," because I’m wearing a goodwill shirt that says "I am Canadian," with the Canada maple leaf on it. I usually wear it inside out. I got it because I needed a shirt and grabbed one quickly at random, and "I am Canadian" is more amusing and less annoying or bizarre than some of the other things printed on the goodwill shirts. But now that everyone is protesting over Trump, the shirt seems appropriate. However, no one will see it because I have three layers of sweatshirts over it when I go anywhere.

So that Google search led to a reddit topic about removing screen print from t shirts, and then I saw another reddit headline (I never read reddit, so I don’t know what it’s called, a "topic?") about Lebron James donating $41 million to send 1,100 kids to college.

I was just shocked that it costs such a huge amount to send such a small number of people to college. I don’t feel like explaining it while thumb typing on my phone, as the libertarians have already explained it: if you subsidize college with guaranteed government loans, the price will go up and up forever, as it is already doing. Do universities pay rent, taxes, or mortgages for the land they are on? No? Not anymore? They already own that land and only pay taxes on it? Are the taxes different from the amounts paid by normal taxpayers? Universities are some of the most wealthy, most profitable businesses. I’ve been living in this town where the university is pretty much the ONLY business.

I’m rambling…..

If all goes well, I might possibly get to sort through more belongings today and throw away papers. I have two huge rubbermaid-type plastic tubs full of papers. Those should not be carried everywhere with me when I move.

I contaminated some pants and a sweatshirt with St. John’s Wort residues merely because I nibbled on two tiny leaves weeks ago, then excreted it through my sweat and skin oils into my clothing, where it remains and doesn’t wash out, unless maybe if you use degreaser. So I have been continuing to wear this favorite sweatshirt, and can’t bear to get rid of it, and can’t go shopping for another because shopping is a huge pain in the ass and I have no money. I wore the pants to work and was grinning all day, and Dave thought I was smoking marijuana. He wouldn’t believe me if I told him the truth, that my pants were permanently contaminated with excreted metabolites of st. Johns wort, which was reentering my skin and affecting my behavior.

That’s what the sewing machine was for, and I don’t want to get rid of the sewing machine. I want to be able to make infinite amounts of my own perfectly fitted clothing so that contamination will never matter again, whether it’s pesticides, herbal residues, Fukushima radiation from visiting Washington State, or what.

I must get up and sort a few things… I have a little time before work. Not much. Maybe a little bit will get done.


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