It’s weird, but I’m not that upset about Donald Trump

I really, REALLY don’t have any time to write a blog right now. I was supposed to be cleaning up and getting ready for work. I’m at the laundromat. But I had to look at the election results.

I just really don’t think that anything is going to happen at all as a result of Donald Trump being president. Things will just continue as they have all this time and nothing really new will happen. The president is mostly a powerless figurehead who takes the blame for what the shadow government decides to do. It doesn’t matter which powerless figurehead is in the office. What matters is the man (groups) behind the curtain and what they decide to do.

I know there won’t be a physical wall between here and Mexico, that’s for sure. Even though he’s known for building skyscrapers, that doesn’t mean he’s able to build them through the machinery of government. Operating the machinery of government is an entirely different universe.

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