Jesse: no food for 45 days?

So, Jesse has been having trouble in the army. He smoked pot and got caught on a drug test. Now he’s being punished. For 45 days, he says they are taking ALL of his paycheck, not just half of the paycheck like this page says:

So, he will have not just half of his paycheck – he will have nothing, no money at all, according to what he says. He could be wrong – maybe he misunderstood something. Then again, they could actually be doing that.

Well, in addition to that, he says he’s not allowed to eat at the DEFAC. So, he has no money to buy food, and he also isn’t allowed to eat at the dining hall. That would be fine if he had all of his free time to go out looking around for food and asking people elsewhere for help, but no, he doesn’t have free time – he will be required to work 7 days a week, starting at 5am until 11pm, with a 6 hour break in between, because the army says that 6 hours is all a soldier needs.

The only thing he can do is ask his friends for help. I myself don’t have any money at all. I maxed out my credit card too. I was helping him last week because his car got impounded, and the only reason I had an extra $200 was because Mom and Dad sent me some money. They don’t know what I spent it on.


2 Responses to “Jesse: no food for 45 days?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Heidi’s son Brian wanted to “join up”, years later and wiser i still believe our greatest victory was preventing him from going Hartswick!,1469715/..

    If her son had convinced her to sign those papers he would have been there!


  2. Anonymous Says:

    $200 was because Mom and Dad sent me some money…


    Stop listen and learn…

    family is more than discern

    They lied to you!

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