I defeated The Destroyer now too

It was much less dramatic than winning against Skeletron Prime. I forgot to mention, the first thing that happened while fighting Skeletron was, I threw my bow away. I was holding it in my hand, and I couldn’t find the button to ‘buff,’ drink all my potions at once, so I smashed a bunch of buttons down at once, and I hit the ‘throw item’ button. So I had to spend a terrified minute running around the arena looking for where I threw my bow.

But nothing really happened with The Destroyer. I got killed a couple times and had to do it again. That’s a pain because you have to build the little gadget that summons the monster, and you have to go collect souls and stuff to make the gadget. So I had to find Souls of Night. But I got them, made the destroyer summoner, and fought him and won. No big deal.

Now I have to fight something in the jungle – I think it’s Plantera. But for now, I’m just cleaning out all my trunks of garbage. I have dozens of trunks filled with stuff which has been there from the beginning, stuff like ‘small copper shortsword,’ things I had from when the character first started this world. I’m selling those things just to clean up and make more room. It’s impossible to find anything in all those chests and I’m never going to do anything with most of it other than be nostalgic. I do have one character who is building a showpiece world with beautiful things, but that’s not this particular character. This one is just on the quest to do all the things and win.

I had to run a couple errands today and I got them done… it’s never enough. I am not really done.

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