Mace residues in the Maki Yaki bathroom

During the football game riots, people came into the bathroom at work and were trying to wash the mace off themselves. I forgot all about it until just now when I heard someone at the laundromat saying he got maced. Then I realized, that’s why my eyes are burning right now. I thought it was from cutting onions at work, but I had gloves on, and I’ve never felt my eyes burning after actually leaving the area where I was cutting onions, even if I wiped it into my eyes. I must have touched the door handle of the bathroom and then wiped my eyes with my hands. My eyes were burning persistently for a long time after I left work. They still are kind of burning now. It’s mace contamination. We’re going to have to clean the bathroom and wipe down all the surfaces people were touching. My hands are burning and itching too.

One Response to “Mace residues in the Maki Yaki bathroom”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I noticed near the end you mentioned your struggle with chronic fatigue and body aches. This and other aspects of yourself that you describe bear a great resemblance to my father, who like you is quite intelligent and creative, but also identifies as borderline aspergers, has difficulty putting on any weight and is on most days either extremely fatigued, in pain, emotionally unstable or all of the above.

    In any case, the reason I bring this up (quite out of context, I know) is that I recently found out about a common genetic polymorphism (euphemism for mutation) in the MTHFR gene that could cause many of the mysterious symptoms he has experienced for most of his life. I searched for this in the DNA test he had done a few years ago, and indeed found out that he is homozygous for this mutation (ie. both genes have this) making him virtually unable to perform basic cellular metabolic functions including energy metabolism, DNA repair and detoxification.

    Quite an aha moment, especially since this can often be helped with simple supplementation of methyl folate and methyl B12, along with avoidance of non-methyl synthetic forms. Under the guidance of a qualified professional of course.

    I thought this might be of interest to you or other readers who could potentially benefit from this awareness.


    Saw dis while randomly wandering the www as a comment…


    “Under the guidance of a qualified professional of course.”

    …gotta glov dat phlug phor te hilitary pharma symplex…

    It took me several tries to “misspell every last word^^^


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