Agustin was sighted

Kat, who still works at Kaarma, said agustin and Gerber came in to eat today. So he’s in town. It doesnt matter anymore because I understand he wants to be left alone. I can focus on my current crush. Although it looks like it will be impossible. He was slightly aloof today, and I felt possessive and insecure, always wanting to do things to claim him in front of everyone, like saying something about him or jumping into a conversation that involved him. I am asking him a lot of questions about himself so I can get to know him and show that I’m interested in him, but the reciprocal is not true: my own life is not a thing to tell him about much. I am less desirable than he is. Also, I’m not ovulating, and when I’m neither ovulating nor on st. Johns wort, I’m not sexually attractive. I keep wanting to touch him and to claim him, feeling like it’s not safe to postpone it, like someone else will jump in. But I haven’t the courage to give him my number and tell him to text me yet. I don’t want to let our relationship devolve into a sexless friendship. We could get in the habit of always having a touch barrier.

There are so many things going on in my mind right now buy I’m typing on my phone so I can’t write them all.


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    war of 1812 2112

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