wow, memory lane

All I have to do is sit around at Weis using the internet and random people who I knew from the past will come over and ask me to hang out with them. So far I’ve met two guys who I knew from previous jobs. One of them gave me two hugs during our chat and then he went on to his job. The other one asked me to hang out and also gave me a hug. Does this mean that my workplace crush is going to be abandoned and/or cheated on? Am I going to be this promiscuous person who is hooking up with random guys all at the same time? I don’t usually do that – I usually do ‘serial monogamy,’ just dating one guy at a time, for months or years, and then eventually moving on to somebody else for one reason or another. I’m not even sure I should say yes to this guy…

ooh, I’m still unplugged and the battery will die for real, and it will forget everything for real this time. I restarted after the original automatic shutdown, so now I’m in the real danger zone. I lost a Terraria character doing that. I learned my lesson.

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