Lard for breakfàst

My lard got delivered. I ate a tiny finger swipe of it. I can feel the belly fat dropping off my body right now (maybe). I’m joking. It’s tiny one ounce containers from "Fatworks," a compromise. I believe it isn’t grass finished. I’m testing. It has rosemary, which causes high blood pressure and abortions. But that prevents oxidation, the real cause of fat induced heart attacks. All herbs are antioxidants that can be used for fats. I bought fat pants yesterday, size 14, and I almost had to get size 16. I was 155 or more when I weighed myself. Maybe 157. Too much. Unexplained causes, only in the past couple months. Maybe it’s all these miscarriages. But it began before that. It began at Kaarma before I even had sex. I wonder if hopniss residues cause obesity. They are a protease inhibitor.

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