Waiting for a bus. Oops, forgot to post this draft.

I’m waiting at the Pattee transit center right now to transfer to the N bus.

Why don’t I leave town in a car this instant? I have my stuff in the tent and it requires either being made smaller, sorted through, trashed, or put into a bigger car. I haven’t said goodbye to everyone either. This decision was made only recently.

The sky is blue. It’s good for a road trip.

I have to decide how I’m announcing this and who I will tell. One McD coworker had little get togethers with anyone who wanted to say bye before she left town. That would be hard because of my work schedule, but I might do it.

An interesting theme today in the voices that control my speech and thoughts. They are seeking Old English words instead of compound words taken from Latin and Greek. Those are the conquerers. We don’t want their language. We want the shorter, simpler words that came from English originally. Synonyms for everything, with a few nuances lost, at the risk of sounding dumb or uneducated. Find the synonyms that are most directly (straight) from old English. Straightly?

With sadness I go on this road trip to random places nearby.

It’s Sunday, October 9. I forgot to post that the other day.

Today I’m in the tent for the second night. Jacob and I had to figure out who slept where. I have no internet, and I’m typing on my phone right now. My laptop is here in a bag but I haven’t gotten it out yet.

It’s very hard or impossible to do anything in a tent when it’s cold and windy and wet. It’s also dark in the tent, because there is another tarp over top of it. Not only that, but this particular tent is small. I cannot stand up.

I have to do things, but I don’t know what. I should write them down. They require additional thinking.

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