something extremely bad is happening

I tried to take a nap. I think I dozed off for about five minutes, but after that, I woke up again, and I am having insomnia which is extremely severe and totally intractable, as though I have been exposed to ephedra or else as if I have been exposed to cell phone frequencies or something. It’s extremely severe – I absolutely have to sleep, but I can’t. I have to sleep before I can start moving out. I cannot do this process if I have had zero sleep. I do not know what is causing it. I went a few places today where I could have been exposed to some substance, or maybe the car was radiating cell phone frequencies which gave me brain burn as though I was on my phone the whole time I was driving, or something. I don’t know. I am now lying in bed trying and trying desperately to fall asleep and I cannot, and I can’t get up and move into the tent. I have not had insomnia this severe in an extremely long time, ever since the ephedra contamination which I have gotten rid of. I don’t know what to do.


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