resting after walking a lot; I’m supposed to be moving out

I’m too tired to do anything but rest. I walked A LOT in town today because I missed a bus. I went to see Aunt Jean and it was a nice visit. I am much more mellow without caffeine. Then I rode the bus to Weis Market to get cat food. I couldn’t catch the bus on the way back so I just walked, and it took hours, and I’m exhausted, but now I’m supposed to be moving out – I told Mike my days off were Tuesday and Thursday and that I would be trying to move out on those days. I just need a nap now.

I still haven’t started my period, but I’m guessing it’s a miscarriage if anything, and it might linger a while not doing anything. I just can’t help hoping it’s still alive, even though a pregnancy test was negative and I feel that it’s not alive. But I CAN’T HELP HOPING. I know it’s not.


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