the amount is wrong

I just looked at it – it’s only $155. Something is wrong. I had a couple days where I forgot to punch in and it looks like those days weren’t fixed. I haven’t written down all my hours on paper, but I am going to have to start doing it.

My response to this was, I want a cup of coffee. I can’t deal with this.

I’m not going to get coffee. But I really wanted it for a second there. I know it won’t help – when I was on coffee in the past, it didn’t help me get errands or chores done. It just helped me numb the pain, and I would sit there obsessing on the internet all day long. I know coffee won’t help. It will help me play video games for hours, it will help me write extremely long blogs for hours, it will help me surf the web for hours, and if I get the super strongest coffee from Starbucks, I will temporarily be able to do a few things like my bookkeeping, but only with that particular coffee, and nothing weaker than that. Coffee never works unless it is absolutely the strongest available, and fresh. Otherwise it does nothing.

I know it won’t help me, and it won’t help the baby. I will just go on without the coffee like I have done for the last couple weeks.

I need to know: what day does the work week start and end? I have to keep track of my own hours.

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