reading a story and judging a forum member as a moron

I’m definitely blaming the victim. This person is SO FUCKING STUPID, and yet, I know she is a victim. She is a victim of mainstream medicine. I was reading about people in the forum who had
miscarriages or the baby died sometime later in the pregnancy. I’m not going to go into all the details of this story, but suffice it to say, this woman’s babies were being murdered by a sociopath, and she just kept going back to that sociopath for more murders, please and thanks for all the murders.

So this lady had several babies who were premature and died. Or I think they died – maybe some were born premature and lived. I don’t know what caused those to happen because the story didn’t go back that far, but I am going to assume that it was probably malpractice that caused those to happen, too.

So she was going to the doctor and the doctor told her he (or she? I don’t know) was going to give her a steroid shot to ‘strengthen the baby’s lungs’ just in case it was going to be born premature. Then, she was supposed to go in the next day for an additional shot of steroids.

On that first night after the shot, she went into labor, prematurely. SURPRISE! That certainly had NOTHING TO DO WITH going to a doctor and getting a shot of steroids! So she started losing the baby that very minute, and after some runaround and blah blah blah (I stopped really reading the story after that), she gave birth to a dead baby. This all happened because of going to the doctors in the first place and getting mysterious unexplained shots during pregnancy.

There was another similar story of medical malpractice causing infertility. One woman said she had a ‘miracle pregnancy,’ and I was curious to see why. She said she had PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, which allegedly makes it harder to get pregnant. I don’t have a lot of information about this and I don’t know what causes it. I always assume it’s nutritional, but yet, some things are caused by other factors and/or deformities which you can’t fix after they happen – deformities are permanent and will cause problems forever even if you have good nutrition. So I don’t know.

Well, she said she went on vacation and STOPPED TAKING HER MEDS. She said she was taking medicines for PCOS while attempting (and failing) to conceive. The medicines allegedly were supposed to help her with her PCOS somehow, or help her conceive somehow. Whenever she STOPPED TAKING HER MEDS during this vacation, SHE SUDDENLY GOT PREGNANT, AND IT’S A MIRACLE! SURPRISE! A miracle of medical malpractice yet again!

Here I am, impatiently waiting through my two weeks until I can do the pregnancy tests. I am observing every little symptom and I still don’t know. I could still get my period. I am so impatient, and all I can do is read and learn from others. What I keep learning confirms what I already know, which is that millions of people are total morons and morons always go to the doctors for maximum medical care during pregnancy. Don’t be a moron – stay away from the doctor if you want your baby to live.

Another lady said she was an expat living in South Africa. She said that she had a previous Cesarean section. She got pregnant again, and had some kind of problem, I forget what, and I guess it was during birth? her Cesarean scars ruptured, because duh, after somebody slices your belly open and cuts through all the muscles and tissues they will never be the same again, and scar tissue is not very strong or stretchy and it cannot stand a lot of pressure. So, there was a rupture of the scars and the baby ended up dead, after a long bunch of blah blah blah happened. She said, this is the fault of Africa – if only I had been closer to civilization, then I could have gotten more medical attention and my baby would have lived. I see it in reverse – if she had been farther away from modern civilization, she never would have gotten a Cesarean in the first place for the previous birth, would not have any scars to rupture, would have routinely given birth naturally, and would have had a perfectly healthy alive baby the second time.

Here I am judging and blaming others as morons when their babies die. Will my baby die? I have no idea. I am only using a couple of techniques to keep it alive – stop caffeine, don’t use any drugs at all, don’t use any over-the-counter drugs, don’t get any shots, stay 500 miles away from all doctors and all nurses for any reason, even if I get in a bus accident and all of my limbs are severed from my body don’t even go to the doctor then, because they will still find a way to kill the baby. I’d prefer to also have good nutrition but I have little control over my diet due to the chaos right now.

And to top it all off I have much less money than expected. Something went wrong with my paycheck. Only $155 for working all those hours??? That’s less than the previous paycheck, which was >$300 something.

I can only wait… and wait… each day takes forever and I still get no closer to that day in October when I will be able to do a test.

It’s frustrating to read a forum full of morons. I can read the ‘natural birth’ section, though, and the ‘natural parenting’ section. Some of that should be not too bad. But even so I find myself disagreeing with them a lot of times too. I remember reading an ‘attachment parenting’ blog post one time, only to find that this person practicing ‘attachment parenting’ was still SWADDLING her baby – that means, tying it up with strips of fabric so tightly that it cannot move. What the fuck? That is fucking insane. Also, a lot of these ‘natural parents’ who practice ‘babywearing’ are doing it wrong – they put the baby facing forward away from the body, which means its legs are hanging in an unnatural position, putting strain on the back, causing it to arch its back and everything is so stupidly, horribly, ridiculously wrong, and these are the ‘natural parents’ who I’m supposed to agree with. Just because they call themselves natural parents or attachment parents doesn’t mean they aren’t fucking morons. Where are all the smart people having babies?

Weston Price advocates aren’t like me, either – a lot of them think they have to follow the diet to the letter, instead of *understanding* the diet and then using it as inspiration and being flexible and designing their own diet.

I’m sorry for all this judging, but it just makes me angry to see stupid people being victimized by doctors and NOT EVEN PUTTING THE PIECES TOGETHER. This lady who talked about getting a shot didn’t even mention the slightest speculation about, ‘Gee, maybe that shot they gave me is what triggered me to suddenly go into labor that very night????’ Nope! Not a word of speculation! Sheer random
coincidence! Not one word!

The only reason I’m at home writing blogs and reading the internet is because after I took my shower I was so tired I had to take a nap. I was exhausted. I’m worried about the chemicals in my hair
conditioner. I’m testing different kinds of conditioner. This one was ‘sulfate free,’ but that doesn’t mean ‘nontoxic,’ it just means that one particular chemical has been slightly changed. Sulfur is still there, in a different chemical, just not in the form of sulfate. Sulfate causes me to stop breathing if I go to bed with my hair wet after showering. I need to use these to detangle my hair. This is what I mean by ‘imperfection’ – there are many things I wanted to do differently before getting pregnant – I wanted alternative hair washing systems, and I wanted my plastic dental fillings taken out. I wanted good nutrition.

Strangely, I am not that hungry today, nor was I all that hungry yesterday. Every little thing like this makes me think the baby is dead. I’m not hungry anymore – oh no, the baby is dead. I also had a little bit of a hot flash a minute ago – oh no, the baby is dead, my hormones are doing something weird. I won’t know until the test…. every little thing is a bad sign.

Maybe I could take a walk. Oh, I was going to say, I think the new conditioner caused fatigue, but I’m not sure yet. I’ll have to test it again. It made me want to take a long nap and then I just couldn’t motivate myself. I felt very fatigued after the shower. Chemicals do that to me.

I need to get stuff done today… but I can’t. And it’s my last day off. I’m going to be working like a slave for the next few days.


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