pyriproxyfen added to drinking water in Brazil causes microcephaly

It’s not just pesticides or herbicides being sprayed on crops. It’s being added directly to the drinking water. People are DRINKING IT. The goal of the pesticide is to prevent baby mosquitoes from forming properly, but the effect it has is to prevent baby humans from forming properly. For some reason, people have this mistaken idea that if a chemical has some effect on one particular species, it only affects that species and no other species. Or if a disease afflicts some species, it won’t afflict any other species. Diseases and chemicals are not that specific – they tend to affect all different species to some extent in some way, often very similarly. Thyroid hormone in fish, they say, is still molecularly similar to thyroid hormone in humans. Many other things are analogous to that. If it prevents fetal development in mosquitoes, then it’s affecting fetal development in humans. If the gypsy moth spray interferes with the digestive system of the gypsy moth, then it interferes with the digestive system of humans (as I know from personal experience).


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