dream of cameras watching me

I forgot about this dream until just now, when I read a facebook post from an LSE-ESTj forum friend, which said that ‘smart’ devices, household appliances connected to the internet, were being hacked into and were participating in a huge, gigantic denial of service attack in the order of 1 Tbps of internet traffic.

That suddenly made me remember a dream. I dreamed that there were cameras around my bed which I suddenly discovered. They were inside the end of the blanket on each end of the bed and they were watching me masturbate and recording it. I had some unexplained arousal – yesterday? I can’t remember now. I keep forgetting what day it is because I am working such long hours at my job. I actually wondered if masturbation would have a harmful effect on the baby, but I’m guessing most likely not. That’s something natural, not unnatural.

I don’t know why the dreams are suddenly memorable. People say they have weird dreams during pregnancy.


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