darkness triggers activity

10:01 AM 9/29/2016

I noticed several days ago that something happened almost as soon as I turned off the lights and went to bed. It was as though the lights were preventing it from happening. I believe it was the night before last. I was sitting up in bed, maybe reading the internet or something, and then I shut off the lights and laid down. A minute later, I felt sharp tiny pains in my uterus area, which was probably the baby digging in and attaching. So it implanted that night.

Now I did not have blood sugar problems yesterday. Maybe since the baby is no longer depending on vaginal secretions, it doesn’t need to have a constant supply of liquids that are vulnerable to changes in my sugar status. Also I think I read that it only secretes those hormones that lower my blood sugar while it is in the process of implanting, and maybe it doesn’t need to secrete them now. I forget – I could be wrong. But I had no blood sugar problems yesterday.

I felt sick though and thought I might throw up, but I believe it was because a coworker came in sick. He had been vomiting a couple times over the last two days, and thought he either had food poisoning or a virus. After I talked to him, my stomach was sick too, so I didn’t eat much early in the day, but later on I felt fine and was eating small snacks.

Later, I went home on the bus, and the bus was slightly darker than where I had been. Once again, the darkness seemed to trigger something to happen. I felt something happening in my uterus and vagina, and several people in the forum said they, too, had felt pain in their vagina. There are cells that grow in the lining of the uterus, and it probably hurts when they grow. I actually felt arousal, which was unexplained. I also felt a small amount of breast pain in the left breast in just one small place, but I don’t even feel it now.

I still feel a slight burning sensation in the vagina area, so maybe the hormones are doing something to it. It seemed like nothing was going on all day at work but then as soon as the lights got dim something changed.

I do recall the ovulation can be triggered by having the lights on all night, or something? The menstrual cycles have some connection to light and darkness. I also recall that eyes aren’t able to develop if they are exposed to constant light. Eyes need darkness in order to grow.

I had to stick my hands in the dishwater, because the gloves got this black soot all over them and it doesn’t come off. We are having problems with black greasy soot getting on the bottom of some of the pots. Then, it leaves huge fingerprints on the white dishes and white plastic. You can’t wash them off no matter how hard you try. That soot is evil. We might need to take apart the whole stove surface and clean out the chunks of stuff that are in it, but I don’t know for sure if that’s the problem, and I myself have no desire to be the one responsible for taking it apart and cleaning it – it would take hours and would probably have to soak in degreaser overnight in the sink. That’s what they did with some stuff at Kaarma, soaking things in degreaser.

My hands are numb now, which is why I never stick my hands in the dishwater. It’s the soap or sanitizer – both of them make my hands go numb.

I worry about exposure to chemicals – anything going into my hands is going into my bloodstream.

I still have to wait longer before I can do a test. I’m not out of bed yet but I will have to do all the errands today.

I need new cat food for Jacob. He suddenly broke out in a rash a few weeks ago, out of nowhere, and has been itching ever since, all over his body. He never had that happen before – something triggered it. I wonder if the spraying of the glyphosate triggered it. I don’t know.

Oh, my Maki Yaki check wasn’t having a problem – they told me it would have gone through yesterday. I haven’t looked yet, I just didn’t know which day it was supposed to actually be deposited.

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