clouded leopard spots look photoshopped

One thing led to another. I was just reading random things on the internet, and I ended up watching a video where the female president of South Korea gave a speech to the US Congress. The video was long and boring and eventually I stopped watching it, but I noticed that some of the women in the audience were wearing leopard printed clothes and scarves. I have always associated leopard prints with
prostitution. I googled leopard printed clothes/skirts/scarves and saw images of very little girls dressed in miniskirts and wearing sunglasses with hairstyles intended to make them look like tiny adults. With the sunglasses on, you could not see their childish big eyes, so they looked like strangely deformed midget women. These photos came up as results under the leopard print search.

Anyway, so then I started looking at real leopards, and I saw the clouded leopard. I am having a moment where I might believe in the divine creation of life, because it’s hard to imagine how on earth such a coat pattern could have evolved by accident. It looks like it was photoshopped. The clouded leopard has these three-dimensional holes all over its body, or they could be interpreted as rocks, but they look more like they are sunken inwards to me. The dark shadow of the hole is always towards the rear end of the leopard, and the light side is always towards the front. This three dimensional look is far more advanced than the cartoon-like print of normal leopards and jaguars.

I associate this print with ‘trypophobia’ or whatever it is, the fear of hole patterns. I think it benefited humans when they were walking in the savannas of Africa. They would have rightfully feared seeing something with a hole pattern if they were about to be eaten by a leopard.

Weird, vivid dreams that are more easily remembered afterwards: a symptom of pregnancy…. I have been having more dreams than usual.

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