I wouldn’t have implanted yet

Going to this forum has been immediately informative. I wouldn’t have implanted yet. On that day when I felt a weird sensation, maybe it was conception, not implantation. The implantation will occur several days later and probably hasn’t happened to me yet. It goes down that tube that I’ve forgotten the name of (is the soybean paste messing me up? I think I see correlations between eating that soybean paste and having word retrieval problems) and goes into the uterus, but it moves slowly over a period of many days. They say it bleeds when it attaches to the wall of the uterus. The people in the forum are talking about implantation blood.

It’s very annoying to see all these dozens and dozens of abbreviations such as ‘ib’ (implantation blood), that I always have to look up every time I go to that forum.

Anyway, so I should expect this, if I’m pregnant for real. Sometime soon, I might bleed because of the baby attaching to the uterine wall, and I’ll think it’s my period starting, but it isn’t. Then the period hopefully won’t actually start after that. And then maybe I’ll be able to do a pregnancy test. I’ll just keep reading.

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