dull ache resembling premenstrual cramps

I woke up in the middle of the night tonight with a mild, dull ache that feels exactly like the premenstrual cramps that I start having in the week before my period. THIS IS VERY DISAPPOINTING. I still can’t know for sure, until the period starts. I was assuming I wouldn’t have to worry about starting my period, but now, since I feel this very mild ache, I’m going to have to start carrying around pads and ibuprofen with me as though it will start, so that I don’t
accidentally have a problem while I’m at work and I’m not expecting it.

If I am vaccinated against pregnancy, I am going to be very angry. And I wasted money on condoms all those years, too, when I lived with my ex-boyfriend.

I had a moment yesterday evening when I was suddenly able to smell every little thing, when I was walking down the street after work. I could not explain why everything smelled so strongly, out of nowhere, when usually I smell absolutely nothing unless the smell is very strong. The last time I had an incident where I was able to smell every little thing, it was when I had the rabies virus and had gotten vaccinated. Apparently, this does something to my immune system and causes me to suddenly, temporarily, become able to smell everything.

I thought it was because of pregnancy hormones, maybe, and it was a wonderful and amazing thing, to suddenly be able to smell. However, over the next hour, the effect faded, and it came out of nowhere, and it seems to be back to normal now. I was hoping it was pregnancy hormones and I was hoping I’d be able to smell everything for nine months while pregnant. It’s wonderful being able to smell every little thing. But now that I have this dull ache, coinciding with that incident, it makes me wonder – was my immune system suddenly ‘doing something?’ Was it… attacking an intruder? I can’t tell it to stop attacking the intruder. The intruder was supposed to be welcome.

I don’t know…. wait another week or two. I still don’t feel any unusual sensations, although I was ravenously hungry yesterday. However, it is normal to be ravenously hungry in the week or two before menstruation, and this has been scientifically observed too. The appetite changes during the monthly menstrual cycle. So I can’t attribute this appetite to pregnancy. This dull ache… I feel it now… it feels exactly like my mild premenstrual cramps that always are a warning that the period is coming.

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