Maki Yaki, and, a girl who looks like Agustin

10:29 AM 9/24/2016

I’m going to work, and I managed to take a shower and wash my hair, but I really, really need to do the laundry as soon as possible. I might have an opportunity to do it on Sunday.

So, my schedule. They didn’t want me to have three days off, but instead of putting my foot down, I am tolerating having two days off – and this is not so bad, it’s not like Kaarma. At Kaarma, I had absolutely zero flexibility, but here, I have some. At Kaarma, it was ‘work 72 hours a week for $400, or get fired and replaced.’ Here, it is ‘We worked without you yesterday, and it was horrible, all the dishes were piled up in a mountain.’ Guilt trip, but not an outright ‘we’re gonna fire you’ tactic. They are much, much nicer to me. They actually measure the hours I work, so I am being paid overtime and it depends on how many hours I work, unlike Kaarma, which was a fixed weekly amount.

I still do need free time FOR ITS OWN SAKE, and the guy who scheduled me was actually able to grasp that concept, when I discussed it with him – I forget his exact words, but he said, ‘We do pay overtime, unless what you need is actually just the time off’ or something to that effect, showing that he understood that ‘time off’ is, in and of itself, a value. Freddy at Kaarma did not understand that ‘time off’ is in and of itself a value.

So I am able to negotiate, and also I am able to earn more money per week. I didn’t have the option of earning any more than $400 at Kaarma – it was absolutely non-negotiable. I haven’t calculated how much I can earn here, but I make $7.75 and they will do the time and a half pay for hours over 40.

I’m waiting for a taxi – no bus on Saturday.

I looked online and found a picture of someone who resembles Agustin, a young girl from Guatemala. His hair was short and styled to stand up with gel. I forget the name, almost a pompadour but not quite. Sort of a spike. All of them did that with their hair, but his style was slightly different. If I can I will attach the photo I found online. I put it in a folder called ‘Truman’s Magazines,’ from The Truman Show, where he found magazine pictures that resembled the one woman who told him the truth and tried to free him, because he had no photos of her. So, Agustin looked like this. Imagine this girl as a teenage boy, slightly shorter than I am and weighing less than me.


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