‘Helicopter UFO’ went over Nittany Mall area

I was at Wal-Mart waiting at the bus stop, and there was a strangely shaped object flying low which went over the Nittany Mall area. It was flying rather low and it seemed like a helicopter, except it didn’t make as much noise as a helicopter, and was strangely shaped, and I didn’t really see the rotors. It made no unusual motions – no high speeds, no unusual changes of altitude or direction – behaving like either an ordinary helicopter going somewhere, or a very large drone. I don’t recall enough detail to describe the shape. It narrowed downwards at the back. It seemed almost boat-shaped somehow. It was just *different*, like a design of a helicopter that was unfamiliar or unusual. I just assumed it was only a helicopter and that for some reason I wasn’t able to see the rotors or hear a helicopter noise. I assumed it was just far enough away that I couldn’t hear the helicopter noise, but I did hear some kind of noise, just a quiet humming noise. I wondered if it was a two-rotor helicopter, but it didn’t look like one of those either. Just a ‘strangely designed helicopter’ is how I would have to describe it.


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