the microwave, on the left side

The microwave was on the left side of the room, in the dream. I keep my old cell phone in my pocket, the one attached to a string, in the left pocket. I had wondered why it seemed like I never felt an ovulation from the left side, only from the right side, when I recall having ever felt that pinprick sensation before. I might be wrong – maybe I have ovulated from the left side. I was just wondering earlier if the left side was dead for some reason. But the left side is indeed next to where the phone always was, and the phone emitted signals which were strong enough to interfere with electrical equipment nearby – if I were standing near a music speaker when it sent this signal, I would hear a rhythmic buzzing coming out of the speaker – ch ch ch ch chhhhh ch ch ch chhhhhh I forget the exact rhythm, but the cell phone was spontaneously sending things out every few minutes.

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